Translation from French to English of the original Belline Oracle LWB


Hi! AsterBreo mentioned a desire to learn the original meanings of the Oracle Belline LWB, and I offered to translate. She kindly scanned all the pages. And so here are the results of that translation, for those who desire to use Belline's original words, and interps. Pics/attachments are at the end of this thread.

So the cover just says the game was conceived by Edmond around or near 1845; and that the method of interpretation and the texts were written by Belline.

(Pic one): "We have given this oracle the name of Belline to honour the illustrious Seer who miraculously saved this deck from destruction, and who better to give us the unique interpretation of the oracle in the pages that follow"

(Pic two): The deck is reserved to the person who owns it, and only they should use it, to draw benefit from the enlightenment to be found therein.

(Pic three): "When my consultant, who was of an age that necessitated retirement to the countryside, asked me to go see her to pick up some documents that would be of particular interest to me, I answered a distracted agreement, then promptly forgot all about it. She then wrote me again, and told me, "come right away, or I shall burn it all!" And so I rushed there the same day; it was Christmas Eve.

"My enthusiasm was without reserve, when I saw that the among the rare documents and books was a box full of unusual and diverse card games; one of the decks attracted my eye in the most insistent way, and when I picked up the deck, I literally felt my hands burning. Upon rapid perusal of the documents that went with the deck, I learned it had been designed, illustrated and used by Edmond, a known seer from around the time of 1845. His journals informed me that he had seen and predicted the exile of Victor Hugo, and the literary success of the author Alexander Dumas.

My surprise came to an apex of joy upon learning that this seer, Edmond, had lived in Paris at number 30, Fountain Street, just steps away from my place which was number 45. There were also too many coincidences, or to put it more bluntly, I felt I had been called by fate to rescue these cards and journals from complete destruction by fire. I had to bring them to light, and prevent them from being forgotten in the pages of time."

(Pic 4): "By accepting that these cards be reproduced, was it not in fact to be picking up the work and effort of Edmond, from where he left off? I was sure these cards had assuaged many fears, and calmed many pains.

"Eminently fluid, these cards will attract and charm many professionals and initiates. They will develop the intuition of the ignorant and uneducated, and will give them access to their subtle desires and their futures. Handling the cards with the sincere desire for enlightenment will bring about calmness and joy to the heart.

"May all who read my words use them to their profit! - Belline


(Facing page): "Fundamental methods for consulting the oracle of Belline".

"The seer Belline, who gives hereafter very good counsel and advice in using the oracle, and who also gives 4 methods to use them, wishes to state that there are no imposed rules for use; the neophyte must discover the means to access his own intuition, and it is only by studious effort and practice that he will find the way. The reward will be in equal measure to the pains he takes to learn to use this magnificent oracle, which will allow him to access his intuition, and to develop the intuition, intelligence and reasoning, as well as memory. By undertaking this study of the Great Mystery, it will give one access firstly to knowledge, and then, to that most precious of things, confidence in oneself.

"After having shuffled the cards thoroughly, the diviner should invite his consultant to cut the cards with the left hand. The cut itself tells of the forces surrounding the client at the time of the consultation.

(Pic 5 ): "Then the sitter is asked to tell the seer a number between one and 9, for example the number 6. In our example, the seer will then count out the first six cards, and dispose of the first five, and place card 6 upon the table. The sitter is asked to give another number between one and nine, the same method is used yet again, and so on and so forth until the seer has reached the end of the available cards in the deck - unless the sitter desires an earlier stop. The retained cards representing the chosen numbers are then laid out in the order they were drawn, and will be read from right to left.

"It is evident that one will use this method, whether for reading for oneself, or for reading for others who desire a consultation.

"Second method, using the first name of the sitter: After the seer has shuffled the cards, and the sitter has cut them, and those cut cards on the top of the piles have been read, the sitter may be asked to choose cards from each pile whose titles contain the same letters as they have in their first name. This method is particularly of value when the sitter desires to learn about another person, who is not present at the reading. In this case, the sitter will choose cards containing the letters of the first name of the person they are inquiring about.

"For a first name that only contains 4 letters, the deck must be chosen from twice in a row, so that one may have a sufficiency of cards from which to read. The chosen cards should then be laid out and read from left to right, and from top to bottom, in the order in which they were chosen.

(Facing or next page, same pic) "For a first name that contains up to ten letters, only cover (go through) the deck once. In the case of plural or composed names (such as, for instance, "Marie-Eve", translator's note - P) the total number of letters should be taken into account when choosing the cards.


"Method using the Cosmic Numbers: "12 is a cosmic number; there are twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve months to a year, our clocks have twelve numbers, therefore it is a number that encloses and covers both space and time.

"Take up the Belline Oracle, and shuffle it well; cut it with your left hand. Put the deck back together, and lay out the cards face down in rows of 13, so that the entire deck of 52 cards is laid out in this fashion.

"Then, twelve cards to which the sitter is attracted to should be chosen and removed from the rows, keeping them of course still face down. The chosen cards should then be laid in a row face down, and then read from left to right.

"Method of the Cross: "this method is best used to answer precise questions. After having taken the oracle and shuffling it well, cut the deck, and reassemble it. Then pick up a card, and place it to your left. This card represents that which favours (continued in next picture)

(Pic 6) (continued from pic 5) ..."the asked question. Then chose a second card, (fig. b) and lay it to your right. This represents that which opposes the question, or your sitter. A third card is chosen, and is placed above the first two cards (fig. c) and represents the Major Force, that is the energy influencing the sitter, whether favorable or opposing. A fourth card will be chosen and placed at the bottom, (fig d) and it represents the possible result.

"Finally, place a card in the centre of the cross; this card sums up the reading, it is the centre of gravity. In case you hesitate over the meaning, this card can be covered (translator's note, I think he means you can pull another card and lay it on top of the middle card) up to two times.

"For example, in answer to the question, "will I marry this person?", we obtain the following answers: We can say that Love (card #29) is not placed in doubt; it is certain. However, the card #32 (cont facing page)

Facing page: "Meanness (or cruelty?)" shows the cruel actions of a person guided by jealousy. Evidently, the number 28 (Family) can believe these rumors (noises), or not. The card #5 (Success) indicates, by all means, a possibility of things going well. In summing up, the centre card, Friendship, indicates that the help of a friend will be beneficial in this case. Therefore, the answer to the question asked is "yes" and you will not need to use a second or third card to top the centre card (number 8).

"Some Advice from the Seer Belline: "This oracle, which is of an exceptional quality, should speak to you and answer your questions. It is a very fluid oracle, and should only ever be handled by the person who owns it. Should you lend it to someone else, you will compromise the relationship and connection between yourself and the cards.

"Only ask the counsel of the cards in good conscience, and when you are relaxed. You must be in the receptive and open state that only perfect relaxation of the body can bring about.

Do not become crisp with stress, do not be discouraged, if - especially at first, when you first begin to read the cards, you do not have coherent answers to your questions; the cards never lie, you know, they would rather be quiet and say nothing, when they have nothing to say. Admit it! It is because you are going through (cont next pic)

(Pic 7) (cont from pic 6) "a dull period in your life, and nothing much is happening. So you should not complain too much.

"Handle your cards frequently, and apply yourself to learn what they are trying to tell you. Exercise yourself with the cards, without trying to force answers from them. This detached practice will allow you to learn their symbolism.

"Firstly, and most importantly, there are no hard and fast rules for reading the cards. The combinations form themselves, in reply to the concerns of your sitter. If the seer has the true desire to bring light to the consultant's questions, the seer's spirit will seize the meaning of the message.

"Every card in the deck has a basic or fundamental meaning, plus a few more superficial or secondary meanings. Some of the cards, designated as strong cards, have a more absolute meaning.

"It is intuition that will faultlessly guide you if you are in the indispensable relaxed and receptive state. One should always remember that a GOOD CARD will neutralize a BAD CARD if it is touching it or is beside it. For example, if card #19 (the Horn of Plenty) is touching card #46 (Misfortune) this signifies that despite your current worry, you have nothing to fear in regard to poverty.

"Card number 44, The Wheel of Fortune, (Fate) has about it a feeling of chance, or luck, whether good or bad and often a feeling of inevitability and inescapability. Let's imagine three cards in the following order: #46 - The (cont facing page)

(facing page) Misfortune - #33,- the Two Swords (quarrels, processes) - Number 44, Fate (or chance) - we can then assume a ruinous road ahead, however, #44, Chance, simply states that it is a warning that this may come about.

Good cards that follow each other speak of a happy outcome. For an example, #5, (Success) - #28, (Love) - and #27 (Union) foretell a happy love that culminates in marriage.

"To guide the reader, we have provided the reader with certain examples of the connection between certain cards. It goes without saying that we could multiply these combinations to infinity, such is the depth and breadth of this oracle.


3 Cards that have special significance in the oracle, and that dominate the game:

1. The Key. Destiny. It gives a strong and special significance to the next card that follows after it. There will be a decision that has to be made.

2. The Star of Man: The consultant if male. Shows a masculine influence in the reading of a female sitter. (Cont in pic 8)

(Pic 8) "3: The Star of the Woman: represents the sitter if female. Represents a female influence in the cards of a male sitter, for example, his wife.

(For example: The card #38 (Accident) preceding card 2 or card 3: the sitter will be exposed to an accident. If preceded by #7, (Honours) they will benefit from distinction.)

"Series 4 to 10. The creative force, the vital force, the light.

4 - Birth - The horoscope, nativity, a birth. Appearing, hatching, blooming. A start or beginning. (Near #47, a futile start.)

5 - The Medal - Success. Triumph. Successful realization. Recognition and reward.

6 - Pyramid - Elevation. Progress, improvement. Perfecting. Continuation. A work in progress.

7 - Honour - Distinction, recognition, honour. A very good placement, good self-esteem, moral values.

8 - The Dog: Friendship; warm thoughts. Happy friendships, good relations, loyalty.

(Facing page) "9 - The Garden. The countryside, vacation, relaxation, rest. Simple character, honest. Simple values, naturalism, health. Near #30, a picnic.

10 - Gift. Presents, donation, a favour, a payback.


"Series 11 to 17. Emotion, psychism. Mystery, night, water.

11 - The Devil. Betrayal. Strong card. Bad luck. Complexes, greed, lust. Beside even the best of cards, gravely minimizes the chances of success.

12 - The Birds. Leave-taking, estrangement, abandonment. (With card #15, overseas travel).

13 - The Wind. Inconsistency, volatile character. Speech without thought, false promises. (With #38, disaster in the air.) (translator's note, i.e. plane crash nowadays).

14 - Telescope (Discovery). Discovery, findings, but also surveillance and spying.

(Pic 9) "15 - Water. Journey over the seas. Sensibilities, sensitivity, the emotions. That which is foreign, far away, exotic. (With #38, drowning, accident at sea, floods).

16 - Castle. The bosom of one's family. House, domicile, living room. Inheritance, The country we live in. Where one normally hangs about.

17 - Illness ("vulture or toad"). Malaise, illness, epidemic (in both the literal and the figurative sense). By extension, the medicine and the remedy (with #48,mortal illness; with #49, eventual healing, convalescence).


Series 18 to 24. Social relations, communication, exchanges. Intelligence. Air.

18 - The Planets. Evolutions. Change. A time period, a lapse of time, a monthly lunation.

19 - The Horn of Plenty. Money, capital. Career. Goods, gains, resources. Harvest.

20 - The Book. Intelligence, know-how. Science, discoveries. All that is intellectual. Adaptability. (cont facing page)

(facing page) 21 - The Bat. Theft, loss. Escrow. Abuse of confidence, moral or material. Fatal negligence. Unreliable, unstable affairs with #23; with #35, attack and theft.

22 - The Plan, (Enterprise): Real estate. Negotiations in court. Projects still undergoing execution. Combination. With #32, ambush, trap.

23 - The Caduceus. Traffic, commerce, negotiations. Organizations such as banks, bursary offices, chamber of commerce, lawyers, notaries and the press. (With #19, interesting employment).

24 - The Comet. Letters, communications, messages, phone call. Unexpected news or visitor. Surprises.


Series of 25 to 31. The affectionate being, the love of life, the aesthetic side of life.

25 - The Lyre. Pleasure, everything that makes life enjoyable. Pleasant distractions, fine clothing, jewelry. Art, by extension.

26 - The Ax of Peace. Peace. Concorde, understanding, harmony, appeasement.

(cont pic 10)

(Pic 10) "27 - The Altar. Union, wedding, marriage, liaison. Association. Reunion, return. Devotion. (With #30, invitation to a wedding; with #50, divorce, rupture.)

28 - The Pelican. Family. Connections, ties, whether blood or spiritually. By extension, an association, a group, or a sect or society.

29 - The Two Hearts. Love. Affection. (With #33, rivals or competition in matters of love).

30 - The Amphora. The dining table, pleasures of the table. Invitations,, parties, festivities. Mundane life, going out. (With #17, excesses that cause problems).

31 - The Bleeding Heart: (Passion) - Passion, whatever the source or cause of it. Passion of all kinds. Infatuation, paper tigers. (superficial love). (With #34, passions which cause problems, passion that degrades, that can even cause a loss of face or honour).


Series 32 to 38. Energy, impulses, violence, fire.

32 - The Lantern. Meanness, cruelty. A mean person. Jealousy, envy, or a person with those negative qualities.

33 - The Two Swords. Arguments, disagreements. Litigation. Antagonism, opposition. (Cont facing page)

(facing page) 34 - The Chained One. Despotism. Very strong card. The sitter is the victim of strong negative forces. Arbitrary decision. Sacrifice that is misunderstood. False judgment. Blindness, illusions.

35 - The Two-Edged Sword and the Serpent. Declared enemies. Brawls. Attacks, violence. Bad fate.

36 - The Birds of the Islands. Negotiations. Maintenance. Conferences. Confabulations. (With #32, plots).

37 - The Torch. Fire, and all it represents. Ardor, spontaneity.

38 - The Lightening-struck Tower. Strong card. Accidents, upsets. Destruction, both literal and figurative. (With #37, arson, fire, lightening strike, electrocution, etc).


Series 39 to 46. The social life and situation. Success, benevolence, protection.

39 - The Crowned Eagle. Support. Protection. Favours from influential people.

40 - The Royal Flower. Youth, beauty, flowering, blossoming. Hope. Wishes that come true in the future. (Cont pic 11)

(Pic 11) "41 - The Grimoire (book of spells). Heritage, windfall, cash gift. Heredity, ancestors, things from the past.

42 - The Owl. Strong card. Wisdom. Prudence, moderation. Reasoning, logic and thought.

43 - The Trumpet. Fame. Celebrity. Famous person. Your talents will be appreciated. The opinion (good or bad, according to nearby cards) that others hold of you. Reputation.

44 - The Wheel of Fortune. Fate, chance. Gambling, speculation. Occasion. (With card #50, ruin through gambling, bad speculation).

45 - The Star of the Wise Men - Happiness. Fulfillment through career and vocation.


Series 46 to 52. Effort, discipline, perseverance. Fatality, the passage of time, the Earth.

46 - The Beggar, Misfortune. Misfortune of all kinds. Physical and mental afflictions. Bad luck. Infirmity, problems associated with aging.

47 - Desert Island. Sterility. Problematic or fanciful thinking or work. Utopias. Tentative action with no result. Impasse. (cont facing page)

(facing page) 48 - Time. Fatalities. Strong card. Limitations, boundaries. Inescapable deadline. The End.

49 - The Dove. Grace. Favourable reversal, compassion, prayers are answered. Vocation. Mystical bent or artistic vision.

50 - The Ruins. Decay. Consumption. Bad beginning. Superstitions, out of date methods. Failure, setbacks.

51 - The Wheel in the Rut. Delay, contretemps. Shilly-shallying. Dead season. Waiting, delays.

52 - The Cloisters. Claustrophobia, folding in on oneself, hermit-like. Melancholy. (Hospital with #17; Hospice with #46 (or prison). Isolation, ivory tower. Renouncement. (With #29, sacrifice for love, or sacrificing love.)

A supplementary card, which is sky-blue, is useful as a replacement card.