Tree of life & Tarot


How great to see this topic here!

I have almost gotten rid of my Thoth Deck several times and just can't bring myself to do it, and lately have found myself drawn to studying it (have not started yet).

Tarot/Qabalah connections are of my greatest interest. I am actually hoping to do a comparite study of 5 or 6 different decks that I have identified relevant for this purpose. It would be great to have people to discuss this with!

I agree with the Robert Wang recommendation. There is another book I have that will probably be the best to read first as it really tries to put the Qabalah connection to the Tarot in simple English! (short, sweet and to the point). I will make a list of the books I have on the subject and post it tonight or tomorrow for you.

Love & Light,


it's great to see all this interest in the Thoth deck, and the Qabala. it does take a certain type of deck to best study the connection of the two. not all tarot decks are geared to this kind of in depth involvement. one that very much is (and i recommend it highly to all of you in this thread) is 'The Magickal Tarot' by Anthony Clark and Tony Willis. it too is based on the Book of Thoth, and geared directly at the Qabala. a very serious working deck. it is hard to find though. it's out of print here in the U.S, but may still be available in the U.K. and one warning, it's NOT very pretty, but it's my second favorite tarot deck next to Thoth.


Here are the other books I promised to post for you:
1) Qabalah a beginner's Guide by Kate Rheeders - ISBN 0-340-67339-7: Great basic book on the Qabalah, has one chapter dedicated to the tarot and the tree of life (short easy read.)
2)The Truth About the Tarot by Gerald Suster - ISBN 1-871438-07-1: This is the best book I have read on the Tarot. It includes not only the Qabalah but Astrology, Mythology and the I-Ching in relation to the Tarot as well (short easy read.)
These two and the Wang book should get you nicely started :)