Tree of Life???


Hey all,

I have heard the 'Tree of Life' mentioned a lot in this forum and I would like to know more about it and it's relation to tarot... Is the Tree of Life the same as qabalah?

Does anyone know any good websites that would tell me more about this?

Thanks :)


The Tree of Life is a symbol used in Qabalah to represent the entire universe in all its manifestations. It is represented by ten circles, called Sepiroth, arranged in a certain pattern. Each Sephira is a phase of evolution.

The Sephiroth are connected by Paths, twenty-two in number. The Paths are phases in which the soul experiences the cosmos.

The 10 Sephiroth and 22 Paths have been associated with the Tarot by various Western Magical/Mystical organizations. The 10 Sephiroth correspond to the 10 Minor Arcana, while the 22 Paths correspond to the 22 Major Arcana.

Here are some links which provide more info on Qabalah and the Tree of Life:

- Qabalah for Beginners:

- Studies in Kabalah and Western Esotericism:

- Hermetic Kaballah:

- Tree of Life:

- The Interactive Qabalah:

- Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah:

Some excellent books on the Qabalah and Tarot are:
- The Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang
- The Mystical Qabalah, by Dion Fortune
- A Garden of Pomegranates, by Israel Regardie

Many Tarot decks contain references to and are influenced by the Tree of Life. The study of the Tree of Life and Qabalah is quite rewarding, and will enhance your understanding of many Tarot decks.


Thankyou very much - that was exactly what I was after :)