Tricky Faeries


I just got the deck last week, and already they are so possessive of my time that they get upset with me if I don't use the cards at least each day. They hide my homework assignments (they've done it on three separate occasions), make my brand new computer crash inexplicably, make me drop things, chatter noisily (and I can't tell them to shut up for fear of upsetting them more or making my room mates think I have gone crazy), and just make a nuisance of themselves.

I knew they were high maintenance, but this is just WEIRD! They're laughing at me as I write this, they think it's funny. The Pook is particularly amused, I think he's the guilty party.

So I'd better start being a good person and working with them more before they break something expensive.

Oh, and I started a weblog for my journal:


Yeah, it seems like faeries find a personal approach to everyone. That's the reason why everyone describes their behavior a bit different. I can say that I use my computer a lot, but never have I encountered them messing with it. (hehe) On the opposite, they often help me to write my posts to different forums. Well, I guess that's simply a matter of what they think you need at the present moment. :)

But, anyway, congratulations on getting your FO deck!! And welcome to the faery-friendly world! :)


They've been a bit nicer since I wrote that, lol. Maybe they felt bad? I need all the luck I can get. I like to sleep with them under my pillow.


oh goodnesses here, fae feeling bad and squishing them under your head at night...LOL. I think the fae just finally realized that you were listening and paying attention (thank goodnesses, because next comes them biting you..ouch!). As for squishing them under your pillow, from experience of doing the same (and it was a mistake with my fae, let me tell you!) they give you nasty little trippy dreams. Oh yes, most definitely, there will be no squished faeries under my head no more LOL.

Congratulations on welcoming this group into your home, they truly do have a way of manifesting themselves, and they certainly have taught me my sense of humor. I laugh with them so much more, seeing their humor, but I still get bitten every once in a while (it really isn't nice of them).

I look forward to reading more about your relationship between you and your fae!


Not under the pillow I sleep on!

I have two, lol, I should have mentioned that. I just keep them under the pillowcase so that they don't fall off the bed or get lost or anything.

They do give me pretty trippy dreams though.


The Fae snag another into Their net!

Enjoy the ride, it's mostly fun ... and always educational.

Learn to laugh ... a lot. Or else. Don't say I didn't warn you.