Tried my first reading ... can you help?


I tried my first reading with a close friend of mine who was intrigued with the Faeries -- and more specifically, the way they found me! :). I do not have very much experience reading any tarot, and especially not the faeries, allthough I am more comfortable with them than any other deck.

So my friend didn't mind my newbie-ness and we ended up laying out some cards, some supporting cards and reading through the book together. He seemed to get a little bit of info from it, but I get the nagging feeling that the faeries didn't quite get their message across and the cards keep running through my head.

If I posted the reading here, could you guys help me figure it out?

Edited to say: This was my first reading with the Faeries' Oracle, not my first reading ever! LOL


I'm pretty sure that posting your reading for some help in understanding the reading would be ok. Correct if I'm wrong Alissa. Are any of the faeries that showed up listed in the "Faeries Forum Index"? Here's a link to it so you can check that out as well.

So glad to hear that you jumped in and gave it a shot. I absolutely LOVE this deck, it's my main deck that I read with for other people (and myself).



For help on readings using the Faery Oracle deck, please post your questions and responses in the "Oracle Decks" forum, as this is the preferred place to post for reading feedback, instead of within the study group forum here.

Hope we can be of some help...! Don't be afraid to trust your own instincts, though... especially with these cards!


Thanks! I'll do that! That's why I asked first. I didn't see any other threads like that, so I wondered if perhaps it was the wrong place.