Trump Collage Story Board/New deck


If you see my sketchy attempts, you'll be very encouraged 8 = )...I really draw better than I collage...

1.Last years learning deck:
I started last year with the 22 trumps. I did an evolving collage storyboard that actually started from a sketch/stamp card that I submitted for the ComparativeTarot World card.
My beginning collages look like the Page of Cups card for the same'll DEFINITELY be encouraged when you see it's chaotic mix. I'm refining such scattered images down and blending as my art/western civ classes progress.
Once the 22 Learning deck is completed, I'll post's tentively titled "Dreams from Pontarmo" after Renaissance influences from Jacobo Pontarmo.
2.Ideas for this year:
I've just finished writing up a text outline of a 78 tarot and story card deck with ideas to do line sketches. It turns out the 22 Trump learning deck was different from the illustrated 78 tarot card story, titled now Monosashi Tombo (Damselfly).
I like the idea of story stills and partial closeups or scenes that Spirited Away, Mononoke and Final Fantasy had---but I'm writing the story from the starting point of tarot meanings. So tarot serves as the storyboard and structure from square one and anime/manga is a definite influence. Yes, Tarot of the Fey is an encouragement for me, that this can be done.
I'm thinking the traditional Golden Dawn assignments that Nina Lee Braden has in her appendix of Self Discovery Through the Tarot is the best way to go.
My only twist would be to use Pentacles as the Japanese seasonal year and the characters depicted in Swords, Wands and Chalices would be be pictured, with Damselfly/Dragonfly interactions. By the way, the old mythical name of Japan was Land of the Dragonfly.
I'll try to post scans/other ideas later...I just hope these ideas can help others as we all try to create our tarot universes.


Thanks for showing us your world card Mari Hoshizaki. :) I am glad you are so planned and organised to continue your tarot creations, I am looking forward to seeing more. :D

Insomnia Turtle

That's a pretty nice collage (refering to your world card)!
I am curious about your current sketches of your Monosashi Tombo Deck. If you are not too shy, would you mind sharing?


Sorry about delays

Sorry about delays.
1.Dreams from Pontarmo
The 22 card deck will have to be posted first as a kind of thanks to tarotholic sharing. The idea was to have tarot backgrounders in a make-your-own kit idea. So I was crunching down pivotal pictures from Western civ classes and research done for reviews.
In limited amounts, when I can afford color copies, etc...
The 22 card Scans and Orphalese shareware are coming after my Dante seminars this Spring and taxes.

2. Monasashi Tombo
The 78 cards won't be posted for awhile and it really does take time to mature. But I did find a beautiful website by a photographer who did a seasonal year with dragonfly memories.
I'm still collecting my own seasonal photos and memories. The photographer's site is below---his native tongue is not English.
I will post it for you to for inspiration as you live your own tarot seasons:

If you have any Japanese or other seasonal year collections in poetry or art, celebrating the suit of Pentacles this way isn't that unique an idea. Perhaps as you live out your calendar year, you will also collect and express beautiful ideas for us.
And we'll also see what you like through new eyes. Thank you for your kind words.

Insomnia Turtle

Thanks for posting the link. I will take a look.

Good luck with all of your projects!