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I just received my order from Blue Water Crystals.

I bought their giant lot of tumbled stones. I'm very happy with what I got. The smallest piece looks to be Apache Tear and it's just under 1/2 inch.

I got the whole lot, 101 stones, for just under $34.

Only one stone was broken and it's an ugly one so I really don't even care. Now I have to figure out which stones are which, they sent a sheet with the names of all the different stones.

Here's a pic.

In comparison, I bought the Divination Set from Sandie's Psychic Stones. I found them of good quality but smaller than the stones from the other place. I also had no confirmation email to let me know she received my order so I was surprised when they showed up.

Here's a pic of them.


I go to this one:

They have a great selection of stones, fast delivery, and a ton of information about healing, chakras, crystals,...


Since this seems to be the best place to ask (and I hope no one minds) does anyone have any good, reliable sites or ebay sellers that are in Canada? It seems most of the websites listed have a flat fee of $35 for shipping, which kind of sucks if one is not ordering a large order.

Thanks guys! :)


I have gotten some terrific things from and .