Trusted Tarot...just saw in the DECKS area


I would buy this. Is David Wells in AT? I hope this becomes published.


I want that, SweetIsTheTruth!

Now how do we get it made? If the designer sees this, I hope he posts. I, for one, would be happy to start eming publishers if David wishes one! I want this deck! I would really love to see what the backs are like, backs are important to me.


I have no idea, but I can easily see it supplanting decks like the Universal Waite, for those not into the original RWS imagery.


I love both!

I love US Games PCS Commemorative, but also the Universal Waite. This Trusted Tarot would be more than welcome in my collection :)).


I'd buy that. I've event support a fundraising campaign for it.

And I note that it has thin black borders, which are a welcome change from the white borders of the current versions. Love the coloring. It will likely be controversial though as there's no "oops" line on the Sun and it has 24 rays, so he must've added 2 rays to compensate for the missing Roman Numeral. Can't tell from the images if it's actually been redrawn or just recolored.

All of the cards can be seen on his website, which I happened to notice in the lower right corner of the border. Hope that doesn't appear on the cards if they're ever printed.



I'd love to see this one in print.


So, how do we make it happen?

I was looking for a contact and I must be missing it. Obviously, I wouldn't take the liberty of contacting a publisher and saying HEY look at this!, without the support or at least ok of Mr. Wells. But I would buy this deck and I believe in trying to get what you want. If enough readers or collectors want it, a publisher will be found or we could support Mr. Wells in making this a reality, right? I just noticed this today, but wondering if it's not at least in the works of wanting it to happen, why it would be in decks? This can't just be an online deck that is supposed to just stay an online deck, right? Somehow it got onto the DECK SECTION. I also like the black borders for a change.


I'd tap that.