Truth or Lie Spread?


Hi! Does anybody know of a short spread I could use to know if someone is telling the truth or lying please?


That's a yes/no (not tarot's best talent) so one card should do it - or you can even decide in advance that - say - if it is a sword it's a lie and if it's a wand it's not (suits picked at random.)

If you want a SPREAD you are looking at more stuff - like

What is the truth here ?
What is being hidden here ?

- or take facets of whatever the situation is, and just ask what you need to know about the situation. For instance - if someone is lying about it, you'd likely get a message that there is deceit involved...


I posted a spread here quite a while ago that I believe was called the Truth or Lies spread. It should still be out there. But it's not extremely short since it has two series of cards that are read as pairs. (Read the whole [short] thread; I did post the guidance for interpretation eventually.)


Tarot Illuminati has a "Lighting the Lantern" Spread:

1. What does this look like to me?
2. What am I missing?
3. What is keeping me in the dark?
4. Where can I find the light?
5. What will be illuminated?
6. How will I move forward from here?

There is also the "Deception, Perception, Clarification, and Reflection" Spread here by member adisguise.


Thanks everyone. I wanted something simple and to the point.

Gregory, I kind of did something that you suggested and have posted it in Your Readings as I'm still a bit confused.

Amanda, I wish I had seen that earlier. Thank you though. It's a good one for another time.