Trying out some ideas

le pendu

Well, in anticipation of the upcoming AT Deck III, I've been playing with ideas for cards. Something to do while we are waiting for the "GO!" from Solandia.

If you'd like to let me know what you think of these, please be honest and tell me what you like and don't like about them.

One thing I'm interested to know is whether they are too untraditional. Do they convey the "meaning" of the card to you?

Thanks for looking, all feedback appreciated.


Laura Borealis

I like them very much. Visually, they are quite stunning.

The Moon is my favorite. Every aspect is gorgeous -- the human figure, the rippling surface of the pool, the sky, the trees, everything.

The Sun -- I like it overall, but disk feels a bit too flat, and there's something about the rays that doesn't quite seem to fit the style you have going on here.

The Star is pretty. It doesn't quite have the ooomph of the Moon, though. I'm not sure what I would do with the snowy mountains and jagged rocks as symbols. But I like the woman, and how her yellow robes contrast with the blues and whites, and her upward gaze. The stars and the sky are beautiful.


I like the Moon too. It doesn't really need the rays coming down, the man in the pool is enough connection to bring the meaning out. It's the most powerful of the three.

The Sun has the center sun too stark for me. If you take the corona off & put in actual flames coming off the edges, I think that would bring it out a lot more. As it is, it's sort of plastic when the rest is organic.

The Star almost seems to have an X-marks-the-spot on it with the flare off the central one. Not sure if that works well with it. Some darker shadows on the foreground rocks would blend them in nicer & not look too harsh/new. The 'dead zone' for me is that green area on the right. If you're going with mountains, I'd stick more mountains in there or at least make that area more gray. It looks like green waves? Grasslands? I'd prefer more mountains actually in that section. A little more shadow on the right side of the lady's outfit would reduce the harsh line where the image connects to the background and eliminate the washed out color look there (it's just too intense yellow for that bottom right corner.

The mountains would work for me, it's sort of indicating all that struggle to make it as far as you can, yet there's always hope to continue on in some way. She looks like she's sitting there meditating on possibilities there at the top of the world. It takes time to accomplish something, to go places, to move on in life--even when you're at the peak there's always something that continues. Hope for the future applies to mountain tops too.


WOW to the first impressions!

I like them all for their visual impact in colours & shapes though The Star is a favourite of the three. I especially like the use of yellow & the figure. Suggestive of the intellect or of the mental realm from where the human aspirations or goals originate; the use of the mind to propel one beyond the usual human boundaries towards a higher level.

The Moon has an especially three-dimensional quality of the three, perhaps with the dynamic realism of the setting.

The sunflower is a great symbol for The Sun. The colours are vibrant, suggestive of the life energy.

Would love to see how ye would portray other cards. Thanks for sharing!


They are all visually quite beautiful. My favorite is The Moon.
The only real problem I have is with the Star : The woman in it is too passive. The energy to make her dreams come true isn't there. The feeling I get is a passive, wishy-washy feeling which isn't what The Star is all about.


Ah, another Brycer! Very, very nice. I'm for the Moon as the best of the three, though I can't quarrel with the rest. It may simply be that it's a great, great body there in the pool, though....


I'm a Moon girl too! Really powerful imagery imo


Major Tom

Hi Robert,

These are good, very visually appealing. :)

robertmealing said:
Do they convey the "meaning" of the card to you?

Speaking strictly from my own viewpoint I think it works if you answer your own question in the affirmative. ;) In other words as long as your cards convey meaning to you it doesn't matter if the meaning is conveyed to others, though I've said before that if a card you've created 'speaks' to you, it is bound to 'speak' to others.

Are you thinking about continueing with the rest of the cards and creating your own deck? I think you should. :)


Lovely cards and refreshing! My favorite is the moon. I really like the texture of the moon. I am really drawn to the bright colors in the cards, stimulating.

The followings are only my personal feelings:
In the star, the lady cannot convey tranquil feeling, maybe her expression and posture, feels like she is overwhelmed by the bright star.

The sun, as laura_borealis said, a bit flat. feels like not match with the treatment you give to the moon. I don't feel the power of the sun.

Still I like the way you put the symbols together.

Okay, I am not an artistic person, so can't really contribute much. (blush) Overall, thumb up!! Well done.

Wish to see the rest of the cards very soon!




I keep getting 'website not responding'. I hope it is because you are adding more cards.

I will try again later.