Tyldwick - Five of Coins


This image appears to be an abandoned building: vines grow up the wall, weeds choke the yard, and old pieces of furniture and other junk litter the area. Yet a set of windchimes made of five dangling circles hangs intact. In this card, the security and stability of the four has given way to the disturbing, disruptive energy of the five. Health, home and our finances may be affected. It feels so hopeless that we may just want to sit in that old, weathered chair chanting the mantra, "Woe is me." But this situation didn't just drop out of the sky, it has been building for some time. And unfortunately, it seems only pain will motivate us to change our circumstances. Think of it as major surgery - not something to be happy about perhaps, but something that will eventually correct the problem and make things better. The hanging circles are like a ladder; there are steps we must climb to get to the top (find our balance and center again). Perhaps asking for help or guidance is the first rung. If we will set aside our pride and get off the pity chair, we may pry that door open to find a secret garden on the other side.



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