Tyldwick - King of Swords


The King of Swords is elementally Air of Air, and objects that symbolize this element abound in this card: butterflies, peacock feathers, a huge fan, and a windmill figure. The King has developed and transformed over the years, as seen by the butterfly. He is no longer tactless like the Page or impulsive like the Knight. The sprays of peacock feathers show him to be an excellent observer. Like a scientist, he will watch carefully and pick up on small details that most folks would miss. Gathering all these observations together, he can make decisions and create solutions that are objective and fair. Just as the wheel of the windmill is turned by the wind, the King of Swords knows how the right words can get things moving in the right direction. He is both articulate and diplomatic, making people feel that they have been heard but also inspiring them to take correct action. His biggest downfall is shown by the over-sized fan on the desk. He loves to find a willing subject to listen to his philosophies of life, but he is quite boring and dry as the desert sands when he pontificates. However if insomnia is a problem, he's the man to go see.



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