Tyldwick - Knight of Swords


The Knight of Swords is elementally Fire of Air, so there are symbols of both fire (fireplace, phoenix statues and illustrations, sun-like frame) and air (peacocks, bellows). This knight is the go-to guy in cases where a quick solution is sought. Unfortunately, don't expect compassion to be factored in the answer. Though extremely knowledgeable, he tends to see things in black and white, right or wrong, with no gray areas. He's all about quick action (notice the clock on the mantel), and most people would consider him impulsive. He reminds me of red-tailed hawks; in the blink of an eye, they swoop down, tear the head off a dove, then disappear with their food. They don't worry if the doves might have a nest with babies to feed. They just see a solution to their hunger and act. These knights are excellent to have in meetings where people drag in all sorts of irrelevant information to the task at hand. Like the phoenix that is reborn, he can step in and breathe new energy into the group, cut away what's unnecessary, and lead them (or push them) toward the goal. The downside to this knight is sometimes he can pump that bellows a tad to much (diplomacy is not his style). Instead of gently bringing the dying embers back to life, he creates what firefighters call a backdraft. The resulting explosion can create more chaos than what was there to begin with. Intelligence does not always reside in the same container as wisdom.



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