Tyldwick - Nine of Coins


Whenever I see trunks and chests like these, I think of two things: treasure and travel. The Nine of Coins shows a person who has finally learned to manage their resources wisely. Hard work, discipline and perseverance has paid off handsomely. Not only is there a nice little "nest egg" to show for all that effort, there is leisure time for trips, artistic exploration, intellectual pursuits or just enjoying life in general. And something else has happened as well - the follower has become a leader, confident and independent with plenty of experience under his or her belt. On each of the door panels are stencils of nine pentacles arranged in the 3 x 3 shape of a square, denoting stability and security. The lock on the door suggests that this person has become of good steward, a person very aware of what resources go in and out that door. But I sense of a bit of loneliness in this room; there are no family, pet or group pictures anywhere. It feels quite impersonal. Although this person may be cultured and well-traveled, with an attic full of souvenirs and goodies, they lack a close friend or like-minded group with whom to share this success.


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When I first saw this card, I wondered, where is the Nine? There are only eight trunks/chests, but then I thought the door was the ninth trunk/chest/vault. That through the locked door, there would be the key to the Ten of Coins.

I never thought about the coins on the panels, and how they are laid out in a square. And on the door is where they are, as if to say, through that door lies stability. Perhaps once past the locked door, one can start to use and enjoy some of the rewards from one's hard work.

I'm so enjoying your posts every day. Thank you!


The number of trunks puzzled me too, but I think there actually may be nine. Look at the tallest trunk in the back (left side). There is a lighter-colored shape in front of it. Originally I thought it was part of the big trunk, but I think it is a suitcase pushed up close to it. (maybe:))


You're right! There is a ninth trunk. Now that I can make it out, it's difficult to un-see. :D

Madame Squee

When I see piles of trunks, my mind leaps immediately to the wonder and joy of taking off on an adventure and also to the sense of happiness and satisfaction at returning home.

Based on the position of the the hasp and padlock on the door, I believe the trunks and cases are sitting on the floor outside a storage room, and they are either just coming in or going out. I feel movement and activity in this image, as well as a good amount of planning and directing.

The unfinished appearance of the exposed-brick and plaster wall next to the door makes me think we are down in the basement, not near the living quarters.

The door, however, is much too ornate for an ordinary storage room. I think its beauty and the sturdiness of its lock are indicators that treasures are stored behind it.

swimming in tarot

Oh, yes, I counted and recounted those trunks...no, I don't think there's one jammed up against the tall one, because of the symmetry, angle, and likeness of materials. I'm getting a bad feeling here...the ninth lock is on the people-sized door. On the outside of it. You know how this card is often about a kept woman? Does the master of this manor keep a mistress in the cellar, padlocked behind that ornate door, which suggests a thing of beauty behind it--to be toyed with and put away again at pleasure? Exploring these haunted halls, I am afraid to open the door, lest I find the skeleton of the woman who perished like an abandoned caged bird, when the master lost interest or himself perished.

Sorry for the macabre vision, but that's what I'm sensing in the pit of my stomach. How, then, might this card be read?

swimming in tarot

Okay, getting out of the twilight zone of fear that I was in in my previous post (which was an honest, visceral reaction, which I do not redact), I still see a negative interpretation here. The door is the ninth item, I'm sure of it, because it is marked with the arrangement of nine coins (in a square, so very much secured). The owner of the treasure stays in the treasure room, and locks the rest of the world out. It does not seem like they unlock their chests and enjoy their treasures. Recluse, hoarder.

(The nine of pentacles is usually one of my "happy" cards, and whose positive meaning I aspire to in my life. I'm not used to getting a bad vibe from it.)