Tyldwick - Page of Cups


This young fellow has a heart as pure as the white roses beneath his portrait, and he's as sweet as the fruit (oranges?) growing on either side of the roses. Being elementally Earth of Water, his sweet side often shows up in physical ways. He'll want to kiss any boo-boo to make it better, and he'll bring you a bouquet of dandelion flowers he found while out playing in the yard. He's a bit of a dreamer, but that trait makes it easier for him to connect with his intuition and to take what he learns this way seriously instead of discounting it. The small pool at the bottom indicates how he sees life - everyone is a reflection of their emotions. As a result, this Page can be very empathetic, but he often takes people's moods personally even when not appropriate. The turtles at the top of the garden wall suggest his weakness to over-sensitivity. Turtles frequently climb out of the water on a log or the bank to bask in the sun. The sun not only raises their body temperature, it produces Vitamin D which helps develop stronger shells and helps rid themselves of parasites. The Page of Cups' task is to develop a thicker skin (shell); he also must learn to avoid people who would take advantage of his kind nature (parasites).



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