Tyldwick - Page of Staves


The Page of Staves (elementally speaking) is Earth of Fire, so its not surprising to find this setting to be an outdoor patio of some sort (Earth). The Fire part of his personality comes from his suit (Staves) and can be seen represented by the pair of dragons, the fire pit, the floor sun design and the flames on top of the arch. All Pages are learning the basics in life (Earth), but how they learn is very different. The Page of Staves likes excitement and adventure - pretty much everything fits in his comfort zone if it's new and interesting. If he wanted to learn about the pyramids in Egypt, he wouldn't be content to read about them in a book. He'd be yelling "Field trip! Field trip!" at the top of his lungs. Which may explain why there's only a picture on the wall... He's probably happily plodding through the desert sands right now. The arch and the two staffs held by the dragons make a type of gateway and indicate this is an initiation of sorts for this youngster. Once he begins learning, there's no turning back. With his overenthusiastic personality, he's sure to have plenty of skinned knees along the way. Yet his passion will keep him making discoveries and EXPERIENCING life, not just listening about it on the television.



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Madame Squee

BodhiSeed, thank you so much for setting up all these Tyldwick study threads, writing comments on the cards and attaching images! This is a huge amount of work, and I really appreciate you!!!

Viewing the Page of Staves, my mind focused on the fire pit and wandered in these directions:

  • Where there is smoke, there is fire. Something is going on.
  • Smoke signals. Communication, messages, warnings.
  • Truth revealed through the signs visible in the smoke and fire.


You are very welcome, Madame Squee! :) I appreciate all the comments you and others add to each of the cards - you always give me another perspective and point out things I didn't even consider.:thumbsup:

swimming in tarot

Illuminating as always, BodhiSeed. The thing you fall short of saying, is that the Page of Wands passed through the gateposts and is on his Grand Tour, the culmination of his studies...traveling to France, Italy, Greece...and yes, maybe even Egypt...now if that isn't an initiation, I don't know what is. :)