Tyldwick - Queen of Coins


Being "Water of Earth," it is not surprising to find this queen's portrait in a water garden. The two toads that sit beside the pool are suitable symbols, beginning life as tadpoles then continuing as adults on land. When I think of the combination of these two elements, I think of wet clay on a potter's wheel. The Queen of Coins is a very tactile, sensuous woman, and she knows how to use these talents to shape and form what she wants to create. She is well aware of how smell, taste, sound, touch and sight can influence a person's thoughts, energy and emotions. Feeling dull with no "get up and go?" She'll be glad to give you some of the rosemary essential oil distilled from the plants in her garden. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? She'll suggest you sit and listen to the sound of water trickling into the pool while appreciating the beauty of the water lilies. Confused about a decision? She'll make sure you're well fed and give you some chamomile tea to help you sleep. She believes the answers will come when the belly is full and the mind is rested. This woman is the epitome of hospitality; her home always feels comfortable to all who enter. In her presence, you will feel pampered and cared for. But because she is a such a talented potter, you may not realize at times she can be manipulative. The Queen of Coins is a proponent of "quid pro quo." If she gives you something, you better be aware that she expects some sort of goods or service in return. She is after all, a resourceful and successful business woman.


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This card reminds me of the Brothers Grimm tale of the Frog Prince. The princess in that story lost her favorite golden ball (represented by the single coin engraved between the toads) in a deep spring. As an adult she would have learned to take better care of her things and respect the natural world with an open mind, even what seems to be just a "nasty" frog.


Another moral of the story is to keep your promises. Be true to your word and you develop a reputation as someone who can be trusted. Although, as BodhiSeed noted, that very trustworthiness could be abused to subtly manipulate others... or to unintentionally accept too much responsibility and over-commit yourself.