Tyldwick - Six of Cups


My first impression of this card was a vacation picture someone took while at the beach. But then I noticed the inscriptions on the concrete rail. It made me think of memorials, like the Vietnam Veterans Wall or the bronze inscriptions of the 9/11 victims at the twin pools in New York. I've also had friends who planted trees to remember their loved ones as a living memorial, much like the six pots of plants in the card. Such memorials can help us integrate the past with the present; it is a way to learn rather than to simply regret. It is not necessary to shut the door on the past, but it is important to appreciate and live in the present moment. The watering can reminds me if I want to heal (a nod to the "sixes"), I need to be careful what I water. If I constantly remember the pain, that is what I will drag around with me in the present. Yet if I focus on the love and good times, that is what will help me mend emotionally. Sometimes the trauma of the past may seem void of all good, yet the people who helped me walk through the darkness to the light are worth remembering.



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swimming in tarot

Thanks for the magnified scan; it allows one to recognize the flowers as pansies (pensees/thoughts, remembrance).

A passing cloud empties itself into the ocean, where its outpouring is unnoticed and lost; mere drops in the ocean. Sad memories are unremarkable in themselves; tears are wasted if they do not water something to help it grow. Like Bodhiseed said better, already.

I had wondered whether there was a significance to the initials; I thought maybe the people whom the designer acknowledges on the Malpertuis website, but no.


There must be some particular significance in this inscription. I immediately thought of a memorial too. But the specific meaning is a puzzle. These new mysteries and layers of hidden meaning are what draw me so much into the Tyldwick deck!