Tyldwick - Three of Coins


Anyone who has ever done any gardening knows that keeping one in good shape requires some knowledge and effort. The three "star" coins on the wall above the rose bush suggest the gardener who resides here is a master. Stars have been used to decorate a student's exceptional paper, to designate the rank of a military officer, and to honor the states of a country on its flag. Generally in all its uses, the star represents excellence and attainment. The four-pointed star is often called a "cross star" and indicates sacrifice and perseverance in order to earn recognition. The number three may imply a requirement of knowledge, passion and practical skill to reach this level of achievement. It may also suggest a union of people with different resources: one with the financial backing, one with the ideas or plans, and one with the skill to make the conception a reality. Either way, this kind of impressive mastery is going to require much more than a quickie online class with a print-it-yourself certificate.



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