Tyldwick - Two of Coins


On a brick wall, a pulley system is affixed allowing a bucket with a plant to be raised and lowered. My mother has two asparagus ferns hanging in large baskets from her front porch. When she takes them down for watering, it takes two people to hang them back up again because they become so heavy. This card has a reddish tone to it, and it symbolizes the great amount of energy being expended. We only have a certain amount of time, energy and money to spread over all of our obligations - both those we want to do and those we must do. Like all "twos," this card is about choosing; in this case, deciding how we are going to "spend" our coins (time, energy, money). If we overspend in one area, we may run into a deficit financially or physically. We must figure out a way to spread the weight of our commitments and aspirations to make the load less heavy. A priority list can help us stay on task and not get distracted by every little thing that comes our way. But it is healthy to realize the stress in our lives (like the tautness of the rope) keeps us active, aware and thinking. Life would be pretty boring with absolutely nothing to do.



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Sulis Manoeuvre

This is quite a clever variant on the RWS concept of the juggling act and its meaning of Harmonious Change. The rope is taut between the two disks (of which one is sun-coloured and the other moon-coloured), allowing them to turn freely under tension. What's different here though is that it's not flowing in a continuous loop like the RWS symbol. The rope disappears off the side of the frame so we can't see what it's tethered to or who controls it. It's a system which enables harmonious change AT WILL. It remains static until someone purposely activates it. So it's a slightly different way of looking at this card, and one which does emphasise the element of choice – whether your own or someone else's.

The plant in the bucket looks very healthy and sprightly but it is a young plant which hasn't reached its full size and potential yet. The floral decoration on the bucket gives an idealised image of what it has the potential to become. So it does feel like a positive card with the idea of spreading the load, distributing the burden evenly to make it feel much lighter. Another way of looking at it is to equate the bucket with a goal or aim which can be easily brought within reach thanks to this spreading of the load.