Tyldwick - Two of Staves


In this image, two spikes of a red hot poker (aka torch lily) stand against a bare background. This plant is a native of Africa, so it likes lots of sun and heat. Hummingbirds love these flowers. Here, one inflorescence (cluster of flowers) is in full bloom while another is just beginning; hummingbirds could enjoy the fully opened flowers on the one spike, but would have to wait a while for the other spike's flowers to completely open. In the same way, we often find ourselves enjoying some part of life, but wondering, "Is this all there is?" What we have is good, but there might be something even better out there. We begin to feel restless. Should we maintain the status quo or strike out for new territory? It would require some effort on our part if we decide to branch out, and patience and tenacity would be needed as well. If the excitement of doing something more/different grabs us, we're going to have to emerge from our comfy cocoons.



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swimming in tarot

Almost agreeing completely, except one torch lily is in full bloom, while the other is half spent already--they open from bottom to top. Which makes the question "is this all there is?" even more relevant. :)


This plant is a native of Africa, so it likes lots of sun and heat.

These flowers flourish in the middle of summer when other plants have wilted. We can be inspired by their example to stand tall even if those around us are feeling spent. Or, if you are going through a dry period yourself, look around and find someone living brightly who can inspire you.