Tyldwick - Two of Swords


A friend recently heard lots of birds making a racket outside and went to see what all the fuss was about. She found a terrified cockatiel, obviously an escaped pet. She got her cat’s pet carrier and placed it inside, and immediately it calmed down. She turned it in to the local shelter in hopes it would be reunited with its owner. The terror that bird must have felt is what I see in this card. The dove has been locked out of its comfort zone where it felt protected and secure. Isn’t that how it feels when we have to make a hard decision, one that will cause pain no matter what we choose? Though we may want to force the responsibility on someone else, it is a choice that only we can make. But perhaps I’m looking at it from the wrong perspective… It is possible the cage was the problem to begin with – a place far too confining. But now out of the cage, there is a sense of being in limbo - a wobbly, ungrounded feeling that shakes our confidence. The dove itself is a symbol of peace, suggesting the answer will not be found in going backward (back to the cage), but by tapping into the inner resource found within each of ourselves.



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A Gilded Cage?

Maybe this is the "gilded cage"….the thought of leaving the safety and security it holds to face the bare and empty room is too daunting. How much easier to accept restrictions within a constricted environment rather than spread ones wings and fly into a precarious future!
Seems this innocent bird needs to learn self confidence and make the choice….do you free yourself or remain within the cage and under the control of others. It seems having made the choice to leave there is no way back ..…but so often we keep returning to the familiar(beating our wings against a closed door) even if we know it is not in our best interests.