Ultimate Wishlist Deck


So many great decks that I would like and though I am pretty set right now a couple enter my head. I know that the original post specified one deck. I get that and so my order is in preference. Meaning if you want to read about the deck I would ask for first then that is the first deck on the list.

1. Merryday Tarot (if it could come with the book, which seems exceedingly rare.)

2. Victorian Romantic Gold (with book as well please)

3. Legacy of the Divine Tarot Special Edition, with book and reading canvas please!!!



My "fairy godmother" deck would be the one I have no hope of getting except as an online printout or whatever: the Simple. Only I'd need a second wish, wouldn't I, because there are actually 2 versions of this, each a little different, and I'm d***ed if I have to choose between them!! :D


Onyx, I'm not a fairy godmother... but...... I PMed you about the MerryDay Tarot, it's not as hard to get as the internet makes it seem. The publisher still has stock and can be contacted through email. There's a thread on AT somewhere, but it was easier to share his email with you via PM. :D I love my MerryDay set, I haven't really used the book, but it is nice to have. I haven't picked up my Mystic Faerie since getting this one in the mail.

I'd have to wish for the Stick Figure Tarot, Shadowscapes is on my list too but I don't feel a immediate impulse to have it.


This is an easy one.

The Clothespin Tarot :). 'Twas selling for over $800, new, when I contacted the deck's creator long ago. But if a magical tarot fairy godmother wanted to gift me with it, I'd be over the moon :D.

morticia monroe

Chronata's Minute Tarot. I'm sick that I missed it.


My ultimate deck

Emylicious said:
OK Olivia, now I really want to know what it would be so go ahead! lol :D

Emily x

Well, I would love a deck based off of the work of Oscar Wilde. I would want the deck's system to be based on RWS and his stories (you know, the way the Fairytale Tarot was based on RWS + different Fairytales from different authors). Well my ideal deck would focus solely on Oscar Wilde's work. Also,I would want the deck to be have intense artwork; on the level of the Bohemian Gothic. I want the colors to be vivid and on card stock similar to the Fairytale Tarot. My ideal deck would have a "Limited Edition" look going for it... Nothing too unreasonable, right? :) That would be my dream deck. If I was an artist, I'd make the deck myself...but I'm not so this is the deck I would want my fairy godmother to bring me.


My dream deck is the Amber (Magnin and Trumps), I LOVED the books as a teen.
I've been longing for it ever since! *sob*

I came soooo close to getting a Trumps of Amber recently, but alas! It obviously is not to be at the moment.


The Fifth Tarot.. I know i can get it off amazon eventually. but due to finances not right now.

So if I got dropped a deck that would be my first choice.


@ Annabelle - really??? I thought about $600 . . . it's one I'd sorely like as well. It's beautiful.

@ Morticia - I'm so sorry! I traded mine ages ago . . . otherwise I'd have given it to you :(

Mine would be the Thoth known as the Sangreal, the first printing that only had two colours - one colour on the fronts and one on the backs. *drooooooooollllllll*

\m/ Kat

F.M. Tarot

Easy - Granny Jones Australian Tarot :)