Ultimate Wishlist Deck


All Hallows...me too.

It's one of my favorite reading decks.

Unfortunately it's out of my hands...literally.


jackdaw* said:
Ah ... it would have to be a deck of my own creation (which is not yet finished). And the Fairy Godmother would magically cause it to be produced in a pleasing format. With the cardstock and finish of the first edition Tarot of Prague, but the dimensions of the Ancestral Path and the silver gilt edging of the Quantum. And the elegant backs of, say, the Fairytale by Baba-Prague but in a colour scheme to complement the silver edges. And then she'd magically house it in a lined velvet bag like the ones Sulis makes. And it would be mine, all mine :D
And a godmother will give ME a copy too (I love your work !)

Also wooden Kashmiri and Sangreal


The full version of the Gaian Tarot.
Until then, I have to make do with the Majors only version but it only makes me long more for the full deck !


2011 I believe - and the limited ed is up for preorder now. I wish I had the cash.....


I pre-ordered the limited edition of the Gaian.
I did not get the Legacy LE, so I could get the Gaian, it was a tough choice but I think I will use the Gaian more. It is still a lot of money...but I am not spending much on tarot at the moment otherwise. And I killed my inner banker who tries to give me bad conscience :D


Mine would be the Gain also.
Its really beautiful but no that DH has been forced to retire from Kodak I don't see that coming to me in the future at all.


Hi silverwings, sorry about your hubby's retirement.
There is also going to be a mass market version of the Gaian, but that is coming out later. It is still a way off, but maybe you can get that one :)


olivia1 said:
Does it have to be a deck already in existence? Because I cant think of any particular existing deck that I'd want that I dont have... but i can think of the ultimate deck I would like to have :)

What she said.


Juuust the Magickal ... that´s it ... team complete.