Under the Green Bough


After reading some comments on another thread about learning directly from nature as opposed to book information, I wondered if anyone would like to share their experiences of wisdom they have received directly from nature or perhaps join in an active group to commune and share with a specific element, plant, tree, animal or place in nature?

At first I thought that I 'should' be hearing words and phrases in English when I sat and listened. No wonder I didn't get much. Most times, for me, it is just a knowing. I will sit and quiet my mind then just listen . . . . . Different places and spirits react or respond in very different ways. Some give me images, some show me feelings. Some don't want to communicate at all or are suspicious and it can take a loooong time before anything happens, if at all.

One particular tree near where I work has a wonderful feel. We are friends and there is a quiet, gentle and uncomplicated relationship between us. A while back now, when I was feeling really down and scared about finances, I took the dogs out for a walk and ended up by this beautiful tree. Sometimes when we are so down, we are so wrapped up in our own problems that we forget those gentle souls who support us. I was standing there, by the tree, stressing out and that was when I saw it, a £10 note neatly folded at the base of the trunk, by one of the roots. It was the message I really needed and the feel from the tree was one of kind generosity. I don't care if my neighbours think I am weird or crazy but I always say hello and stand for a few moments to 'connect' when we are passing.


I love the three rowan trees I pass every day on my walk to work. And there's a very stately holly tree that leans over a brick wall and grabs at me all winter. Grabs at my hat, I should say. I adore trees. The sound their leaves whispering in the wind is like ... well I don't know what it's like. But it stirs me to my core. I never had a tree offer me a tenner, but you never know! ;)


How interesting that this thread has sprung up at a time when I am feeling drawn to nature and in particular trees! The sounds of the leaves rustling is such a soothing sound for me...

On Sunday I went to my local wood, which is a 2 minute walk from me and right in the middle of my town. I had a lovely time and it brought me the peace I need at this time, as I've been under a lot of stress recently.

There was one tree I was particularly drawn to, I felt very comfortable and secure around it, it helped to calm me right down, it felt almost "warm" to the touch, and it had a low branch that I felt invited to sit on. So I perched in the tree for a little while and just sat and was still. Goodness knows what any dogwalkers would have thought of a grown woman sat in a tree, but nobody came past and I wouldn't have changed what I did anyway! :)

I'd love this to become an active group to share experiences with.