To make something of my LRP daily practice and improve my understanding of it, I have decided to look into the divine names, skrying the Thoth Atus attributed to the letters of the name ADNI.
I skryed a card at a time when I had time enough for it in the last couple of weeks, the last, THE DEATHfor NUN after my first LIRP.
I tought the result might be of interest and I hope I get some help to make some more sense out f them. Here we go:

Just done a meditation on the fool over the meaning of ADNI
I asked who was ADNI

Everything was fast moving and the Fool was taking me around a natural environment. It was going on and on and on, nice but a bit out of control.
He was leading me by the hand and making many pranks and jokes like pulling me to unbalance me, taking me up in the air flying, letting me go and then catching me again..
I never felt in danger, but a couple of times it has been me pulling his hand to have him show me meaningful things.

At some point he left me alone wandering in this natural environment, but when I called he came.
It felt that his aim was having me experience anything I might be scared of, and having me see that there wasn't real hurt in it, so that to earn my trust.
Which he accomplished.
But even when I learnt the lesson he lwas having too much fun to stop, so I had to pull him by his wrist and say smthng like: Hey, I am here to learn about ADNI, what can u teach me?
He made a gerture like : I already showed u.

So I get that the lesson over trust was connected to ADNI.
That at the beginning of creation, the One had to "take a risk", had to forget about who he is to get experience, and from this decision creation started.

Then he "showed" me something liquid-like getting sucked down a funnel, and then like a rod striking the ground, as if it was to be planted in the ground. The sensation I got was one of major force, where you can't stop it.
I interpreted: once the decision was taken of forgetting its divinity to add experience to its perfect potentiality, the creation and everything that follows have just happened (like the plug has been taken off a hole at the end of the funnell) and like it or not you get the whole of creation (the hammering rod).


Done meditation over the Empress as Daleth of ADNI.
concentrating on who is ADNI during first phase.

I am quite happy descending a grassy slope. Looking around I am entering in the hole of an unactive volcano,; on the opposite side a big fall comes from higher grounds and forms a lake in the valley I am going to. There is abundance of flowers and wildlife, everything is serene.
I seem unable to go any further but if I concentrate on my feet I can go down, and when I look up again I am close to the fall, I put mi feet in the water and it looks more as quiksilver, I can't see through it.
I see there is some cave at the back, I get in and there is like a canyon quite dry but I can see the sky and light comes in, and there are plants at the top. after a while I see in the distance the Thoth Empress seated and I go towards her.
There is a bench in front of her and I sit there confortably but I notice she is higher up than me. I ask her about ADNI and she puts in my mind images of how I feel when I have that energized enthusiasm that I have always been after.
After many of these thoughts a moving RWS empress comes in and i start walking after her and when I get hold of her hand she graws smaller, as a child, actually looking like my daughterKiara (her birthday today).
We start playing dancing in a circle and I get that energized enthusiam.

This is been quite fun.
I made an LIRP (for the first time) soon as I got up, and I set up to start a meditation over Thoth Death card in my scrying of the four cards that compose the name ADNI.
It is not the first time I enter this card in this project, maybe because it is one of the cards I get the fewer, and I never studied it intensively as this time round.
The first time I entered it on wednesday, and despite a long time relaxing, I never saw much.
I found myself in a dark but builded up place, strange because I usually get in natural places, scary sometimes, but still natural.
Anyhow, it looked like an abandoned warehouse, or half empty factory, no-one inside.
I go about looking for the Death character, knowing that he is there, but after a long search, I only see a greyish fog that took a very loose human shape and never spoke.
He kind of showed me a golden round gear, that started spinning slowly.
That made the scene shift and I found myself on a skeleton horse, with someone holding me tight, in a very sensual way, we were galloping in the night but I never had control over where we were going.. Then it kind of blurred out.

I didn't manage to understand much of what I got, as for my understanding of the Death card and the holy name ADNI, but I liked having done it after my LIRP, actually between the Archangels and the closing QC.

I remained with a nice, quiet and content mood and just tought this scrying needed another try.
I left it for thursday and friday, as I was busy and only had time for my daily LRP, and tried it again at saturday morning.

I made a LIRP, then I settled on my cushions (I don't make a proper Asana, but I am used to meditate this way, I should ask someone if I truly need to get an Asana position or what) and I relaxed, with the Thoth death in front of me, and I skryed, loosing focus on the card and then re focusing and ten loosing focus again..
And here comes the fun part: I saw that the eagle that actually holds all the end of the strings, started flapping her wings, putting the skeleton, the scythe and the bubbles in motion.
The skeleton got his pelvis moving forward when the eagle pulled the strings by opening her wings, and backwards when she closed the wings, giving the impression he was having a shag (sorry if I am too explicit! lol)
The bubbles looked as being on his phallus, and they were rotating as the phallus got moved by the movement of the pelvis that got pulled by the strings.
This rotating movement gave me the idea of churning, like stirring and creating foam through the churning, from which any possibility arise.. the foam I see as a token of renewal, something that is clearly bursting with life, even tho hidden by the ever changing foam.. also a bit like the brewing, fermentation, where little beings work hard and the result is life and a change, a bit like Prince and Princess in the tetragrammaton..
So the message I got this time as for my question "WHO IS ADNI" was much clearer than last time: the Death card showed me the aspect of getting new life from putrefaction.

Now, to the meaning of this: I got impressed most by the aspect of putrefaction, of the continuity through change..
I mean: studying the meanings of the card from many sources, I related my vison most to what get described as the aspect of putrefaction and renewal: using what doesn't serve us anymore transforming it in something different.
This process is not easy as it sounds, as it imply letting go of the old as we know it.
We need to let it go BEFORE it gets transformed in something new, so it takes a leap of faith, of trust in the forces of life, and that s the challanging part.

Putting it together with the other two cards..
The fool impressed me for its surprised look, and for his enthusiasm, God incarnates in ADNI.
I am doing my best to stay on the path of wisdom, and make myself a suitable vessel for my Angel, my Higher Self.
The Fool has told me that ADNI is energized enthusiasm, the awe and the marvel at sperimenting human experiences. I relate to that, I often feel it and I treasure these moments as they re charge me.

The empress gave me a very loving impression, and also of innocence, she become a child and started playing with me. So this to me represents the love that God(dess) has for us and the way ADNI transmit it to us (by ensouling us I think).

The Death card was still about love, but of a more sensual type, and that one is more full of passion, and it is easier to get hurt with that than with the love of the Empress.
But this doesn't have to scare us away, cause it is still part of life, and also the hurting parts, even tho they don't serve us as they are, can be used (recycled) by stirring them to putrefaction and transforming them into something new.
But we need to trust in life forces, to be able to see what is actually of no use anymore, and to give life some time before the process bears its results..
ADNI (especially in the first scrying), showed to me his sensual part, I connected with the courtship and love of the HGA.
Having seen it as a tool of trasformation, random as it may look in the rotation of the bubbles, it was ultimately driven by the movements of the eagle, which is symbol of the higher aspect of Scorpio.
I am eager to see what the Hermit has to tell me.


Meditated on the Hermit as Yod after performing my dayly LRP..
I relaxed imagining my body as a void, slowly filling with the light coming from the first movement of the QC.
It helped quite a lot, the images were very real..
I was walking on a narrow line the colour of rust in a black, quiet void, going slightly downward.
In the distance I could see a sphere the same colour and I stepped down the path in the sphere.
There was a gate with floating red eagles over it, like statues but floating and spinning
It was liquid-like at the beginning and once I was immersed in it, it felt as swimming in a sea of shedded leaves the colour of rust.
After a while I saw in the distance some trees and realized that I could stop swimming and walk.
By reaching the trees, I was walking in this autumn landscape.

I notice movements slightly on my left and there is someone in a black-grayish cloak moving the leaves with a kind of big fork.
He stopped to look at me and was a man in his full maturity, well built, quite tall, 40something looking, dark hair, some short beard and incredibly green eyes 9quite attractive).
I remembered to show him the Yod in flaming blue light and everything went even more crisp.
I asked him who is ADNI, and he was holding his cloak as to say: you try by yourself. I let him put the cloak on me and I felt a tremendous roar, like an earthquake, and saw stones trembling at the eight of my eyes,(as if I was peering from somewhere quite below the ground).
With this I was knocked back in my room. I tried to thank anyway, but I was off the astral. Wish it counts.

These are excerpt from my journal.
I am trying to make now sense of them all together, will post when I come up with something