Unlocking ur intuition?


ok, i know i have an intuition, and i think i have a better one than most ppl, because i think i can sometimes feel howppl feel.the bad thing is, i can't unlock it, it just pokes it's little head out when ever it wants, but when i really need it i just can't seem to know if what i feel its true or just how i want things to be. So can any one give me some hints to how to unlock my intuition, i believe it would really help me with my tarot readings. thanks a bunch.



I think the most important thing you can do to hone your intuition is to learn to trust your instincts. I think most people are pretty intuitive, just very few of us ever learn to use it for constructive purposes.

One of the best tips I give students is to pay close attention to the feeling you get when you turn over each card in a spread - your very first thought or spark or vision as you see the image on the card. You can facilitate this two ways:

First, when you lay out a spread, describe each position aloud before you turn over a card into it. Even when you are reading for yourself! You don't have to go into detail, just something like "this card reveals how you see yourself."

Second, resist the urge to "name" the card as soon as it is turned over - even mentally! Instead, look at the picture and let yourself remember the very first symbol or part of the image that catches your eye on that card.

Then, when you go to interpret the combination of the position and the card, call on your usual interpretation of that card, but start by talking about the significance of the part of the image that first caught your eye. Keep talking, adding interpretations of the other symbols in the card until it feels complete to you... sometimes that might be after once sentence, and other times you'll be talking for 10 minutes before it starts to gel. But you'll usually find that the first thing you noticed about that card is the most significant... everything else just supports it.

Here's an example from a recent reading I did. The reading was for a job offer that seemed perfect and the outcome card was the 9 of Cups reversed. When I turned it over, the first thing I noticed was the long tablecloth. So I started my interpretation with something like:

"On this card, look at the tablecloth... when do people usually use that kind of long, draping tablecloth? When they're trying to make a cheap table look elegant. So, where the 9 of Cups usually hints at wishes coming true or things in abundance, this time I think it might be telling you to look under the tablecloth. Things may not be what they've been made to appear..."

In this case, I didn't have to go any futher. I could tell from the querent's reaction that I was right. He admitted that he had a nagging feeling that things were a little too rosy. So the message of this reading was to do more research and try to see what was being hidden from him before he made his decision.