Using Blank Tarot Cards Deck US Games


Who has used the US Games blank tarot deck, and what do you think are some good materials for use on it? Do you outline with pen, then fill-in with colored pencils, or what? Are regular, cheap colored pencils okay? I guess Robin Wood used the Prismacolor pencils, but she probably didn't draw it on coated cards. And what about painting it?


I believe she used art paper, and I agree with the Prismacolors, they're the best. But use what you have. The good thing about Prismacolor brand is that the color part doesn't have 'grit' in it, so you won't be coloring & suddenly get a streak across the page from something hard that was pressed into the color. They also come in a wide range of shades, whereas the cheaper kind only gives you maybe 9-15 different colors.


I haven't actually seen the blank cards, but if they're like ordinary cardstock, they're going to be glossy and clay-coated, like the pages of an expensive magazine. If I were going to work on this kind of paper, it would be with a brush and ink, or perhaps with markers (like Sharpie or Pantone or the Prismacolor markers), so that the colors would be dense and bright.
A person could draw their image lightly with a pencil first and then, when they were sure of the lines, go over them with black ink from a pen or brush. Filling in with color could be done with watercolors or marker.


rota and HudsonGray,

Thanks for the suggestions!