Using cards upright and reversed - When did this start?


I just got a re-edited Sola Busca deck. The deck was made in the 15th century. Unlike other antique decks, the Minor Arcana is depicted with symbolic narrative (rather than just the symbol of the suit and the number) eg: the heart pierced by the three of swords comes from this deck. (also seen in Rider Waite)

What i find interesting is that the cards in this very old deck are meant to be read all right side up. Each card has a specific meaning negative OR postive. I have always used each card as a state with two extremes giving two meanings depending on whether the card was dealt upright or reversed. I think most contemporary Tarot readers also read like this.

Historically speaking does anyone know when the practice of reversing the cards to give a different meaning came about?


I think this started with Etteilla, but I'm not 100% certain.