Using the tarot cards for a Halloween ritual


I have different cards that I associate with the spokes of the Wheel of the Year, and for me, Samhain/Halloween is very much about the High Priestess. Come Halloween, I'll be doing a massive reading for myself using the High Priestess as a significator.

Depending on your tastes, you could select a card (or cards) that resonate with what Halloween means to you, and do a ritual involving them. You wouldn't necessarily need candles, but you could construct a crystal grid, brew an herbal tea, read out a relevant poem/prayer, etc. It depends on what you believe and what you practice, but those are a few basic ideas. If you're a dualist Wiccan, you might want to choose two cards to represent the respective energies of the Goddess and dying God at this point in the year, and place them on your altar.

You could also do some kind of pathworking/active imagination/astral projection, and actually try to interact one-on-one with the energy of the card.

These are just a few ideas, but hopefully they'll spark some inspiration for you.

That actually makes me want to do a prayer now, but I'll have to figure out who to pray to, I might use the Major Arcana so that I can use it as a model for each God/Goddess I pray to


That actually makes me want to do a prayer now, but I'll have to figure out who to pray to, I might use the Major Arcana so that I can use it as a model for each God/Goddess I pray to

Hmmm, some quick ideas for Major Arcana with prayers...

Hekate = The High Priestess
Haides = The Devil

"Hekate, great Lady of magic, mistress of the starred path. Help me choose wisely as I move forward this day.
Haides, great Lord below, guardian of life's portal. Help me maintain balance as I find my way."

Osiris = Judgement
Isis = Temperance

"Lord Osiris, who measures the worth of passion. Guide the measured steps I now tread.
Lady Isis, who weaves the words of creation. Weave a smooth journey for my way ahead."


That is such a cool idea! :)
I wouldn't be able to do that myself at home - as I'd freak out the rest of the family.
Tell 'em what you're doing and invite them to the dinner, saying, "Don't you miss Gramma? Don't you want to have dinner with Grandpa again?" That'll either make them get into it or finish them off. :joke:

After I (we! ;)) finish eating, I thought I'd clear the plates, leaving the candles and significator cards in their places, and start dealing cards to see what comes up. Might be interesting.

It looks like everyone has something to do I'm still on my journey to learning about myself so I'm not 100% sure about what kind of Wiccan I'am, ...
Just wanted to mention that you don't have to be sure what kind you are. You probably already know this, but I thought I'd point it out anyway. I'm not any kind of Wiccan or Christian or Jewish person or Buddhist or ..., but am all of them - I believe in them all. I just do what feels right to me, taking bits from wherever I find them to add in to my rituals and prayers.

Your ritual sounds like a good and productive one, so I think you'll do fine. Just believe it will do what you want it to do and it will happen. The most important part is your belief. I believe that when I walk around barefoot and work in my garden with my hands in the dirt, any negative energy comes out of me and goes into the Earth, replaced with positive energy. It works because I believe it does and don't doubt it. Intent. It's all about intent. Leave out the doubt and strengthen your intent and you'll accomplish what you want to accomplish.