Uusi Pagan playing cards

Rose Lalonde

I've ordered the Uusi Pagan deck (ltd edition; there's another with lighter backs) and since I didn't see it mentioned, I wanted to share my excitement that it's on the way and enable anyone else who might like it.

If you have it, what do you think of it in person? It says they use Bicycle stock, so I'm hoping it shuffles beautifully.

This is the first time I've bought a deck specifically for cartomancy instead of reading with one that had been given or passed down to me, so we'll see. I couldn't pass the art by, even though my first thought on seeing the king of clubs was for the bear.


My goodness, those are beautiful cards.

I was hunting around for an unusual deck to use in cartomancy a little while ago and ended up buying the Parlour Sybil instead. I even searched Kickstarter for something different and wish I'd found these at the time. Love the Pagan theme :) Unfortunately I'm all spent up at the moment :(

Thanks for the link Rose Lalonde. I've bookmarked it for when my funds are a bit healthier.

Rose Lalonde

Moonbear - Whoops, it was meant to enable you, not to make you feel like you missed out! ;)

Like you, I'm done spending, so I'm trying not to look around now that I've ordered. But I like that Parlour Sybil by the way! I hadn't seen it before. (I'd even be tempted, except that for the moment, I'm reading with decks that don't have pics/specific meanings on the pips.)

EDIT -- These arrived carefully wrapped with a hand written thanks, and the deck is somehow nicer than I thought it would be. Very textured feel to the cards, and with subtle color variations in the pips. They shuffle well and have a scent that reminds me of coffee table books.

Dark Victory '39

These just turned up in my mail box, and I'm wondering if anyone else has random clubs and spades (the actual spades and clubs themselves) looking overly distressed with shades of grey-- kind of faded out? Comparing it w/ the uusi site if you look carefully it does seem this is intentional, as some also have hints of dark mahogany brown. But the numeral 3 on the 3 of clubs is also faded out, and none of the other black numerals are which makes me wonder if there was a printing error. not sure how I feel about it. I kind of like the effect of the distressing, or will if I can put a good amount of natural usage and wear and tear on the cards.

I guess I'm wondering mostly if anyone has the washed out 3? Toying with writing Uusi, though I might also not mind this oddity. There also is a slight, faux waterstain around the edges of all the cards that you can see if you look closely on their site. I believe these were actually originally done as oil paintings.

Rose Lalonde

I guess I'm wondering mostly if anyone has the washed out 3?

Yes, my 3 on the 3 of Clubs is washed out like yours.

When I compare the Queen of Clubs to the 7 of Clubs, the 7 is lighter, so I think the suit numbers are slightly varying degrees of darkness, but you're right; it's more pronounced on the 3 than any other card. I like the individual nature of the oil painted suit symbols though.

Dark Victory '39

Thanks Rose Lalonde; i think i do too. But for anyone's who's contemplating this deck it might be worth mentioning that the mottled clubs and spades were the first thing that jumped out at me upon viewing the deck in person, and i was only (i guess) subliminally aware when i was looking on the Uusi page. Beautiful deck though, i like the bicycle-feel cardstock.