Vargo Gothic - Does Anybody Have a link with all the images of this deck?



I saw this deck and was immediatly taken by the art... I'd like to see all the images of all the Cards. However so far, I haven't found a link yet.

Does anybody have a link?

I would be very grateful.


Edit I received a PM that I was not totally clear on which deck I meant. I mean the Joseph Vargo's Gothic Tarot. I have found sites with 20 Card Samples, but nothing that shows the complete Deck :(


24 views? And still nobody :(:(

I am really broke, so before I am thinking of buying this deck, I really really want to see all the cards...


Thanks Sulis...

I already found that out too sadly enough :(:(

Since I can't even pay my rent I guess I shouldn't even look into this deck, I'd probably love it.... (based on the 20 cards I saw)

I hardly ever "feel" something for a deck, so I was so suprised this deck "spoke" so loudly to me.

Jet Aluna

Unable to find all cards for the Vargo deck

Hello, Kahlie

I was in touch with the Monolith Graphics folks when I put the deck on my website. They specifically asked that I not show any full-sized images without their logo emblazoned across them, which restricted me to choosing amongst the cards they had on their site. If there IS a site that shows all the cards, it is against the express wishes of the publisher.

I love to see smaller publishers do well and this is an excellent offering. I am not into Gothic art per se, but this deck speaks to me and I use it often. I bought mine from the Tarot Garden, but you can also get it from Monolith directly. I don't think you'd be sorry to get this one... just my 2 cents.



Thanks! Now I can show off my new deck :)

As I told you over the IRC channel WolfyJames, I have purchased the Gothic Tarot :)