Vargo's Gothic Daily Card


DAILY CARD--July 15--VIII Justice

This is a very powerful image of Justice.....

Very non-traditional, this card shows a strong, powerful woman wielding a sword above her head. She holds the scales of justice in her left hand, the sword in her right. This is a beautiful, winged goddess...her face is calmly determined, unafraid to fight for what she needs. Her fate rests entirely in her own hands.

I like this version of feels very empowering to me.
The message I am getting from this card is that I should not sit back and wait for things to happen....I need to take an active role in achieving the balance and harmony that is missing in my life.

:) Luna


I'm Back!!!

August 5--III--Empress

Well....after some time away....I am back for some serious study of the lovely Gothic deck...hoping to see more people posting too (Kittaine....where are you dear??? :D )

The Empress....I think I may have pulled this card before???

She is standing in her tomb....guarded by two winged skeletons, their arms folded against their chests. Keeping her secrets.....

The facial expression of the Empress is interesting to me...she does not have the calm, nurturing face that one would normally see....she looks either angry or frightened here!!!

The LWB describes her as "nurturing, dominant, signifying passion, sexuality and fertility."

Yes, she is a confident woman.....unafraid of going after what she wants. Very nice card!!!

:) Luna


August 6--VI Swords

This woman is standing beside a black, winged beast, a wolf-like creature with teeth bared....I feel that he is her guardian, her fearless companion. She appears to be blind, and dependent upon this beast for both protection and movement. Rather than traveling by boat, as traditionally seen in RWS cards, she is going to be carried upon his back. Therefore this creature is an important part of her survival.

She is holding one sword, which is supporting her, and the others are in front of her, except she cannot see them of course. The skull at her feet, representing death, may also mean that she is ready to leave the past behind, and in order to do this she will need to be guided past the other five swords. By holding on to the sixth sword, she is taking what she needs with her into this new life, and leaving the rest behind....

The LWB describes this card as follows:

Leaving behind unsurmountable obstacles rather than attempting to tackle them again, emotions giving way to logic, possibly a voyage. Rx: A confession, possibly a declaration of love.

I like this version of the card in that it makes me feel that she does have some control in the situation, and that she has complete faith in this fearsome beast....she is trusting him to lead her to safety.

:) Luna


Hi Luna! :)

Yesterday I decided to join you for a couple of days. I always liked the art but didn't devote enough time to the Gothic to connect with it. So, you had a good idea! :D Instead of pulling a card for the day I pulled one for the night right before going to bed.

The King of Pentacles

This card happens to be my favourite card in the whole deck so I was really looking forward to what might appear in my dreams! It was awesome because I had two seperate dreams that were both connected to this card: One with the traditional meaning of the King of Pentacles and one with the meaning I usually associate with him in this particular deck. This morning I did a reading with this deck to clarify my dream and it was so dead on I got goose-bumps!


The King of Cups.

A very disheartened figure, which fits my mood today, and not the triumphant, emotinally in-control image I would think of traditionally for this card.

That guy looks like he lost his best friend.

If Kings are completion points, then this guy is complete unto the point of deadness. There he sits, in the dark, unable to see, unmoving. The cup sits, almost forgotten, at his side.

Today, I wanna go kick his ass. Knock him off that throne.
Shake him awake, like King Theoden... he needs to wake up.


Seven of Pentacles.

"Welcome home. The house has been kept just as you left it, Mistress."

Don't bother lighting the candles for now... I know my way inside.


August 13--III Cups

This is a nice, simple card....three goblets standing beneath a stone archway....I like the contrast between the red jewels on the cups and the silvery gray and black of the rest of the card. There is some etching on the cups....not sure if this is symbolic in any way or just decorative.....

The III of Cups indicates social activities for the day ahead.....
Sounds great!!!

:) Luna


The Sun, reversed.

Their feet are drawing me. His feet look like x-rays... like he's just barely materialized fully. And, her feet... I'm drawn to dancer's feet. She has a dancer's foot, like the Moon card's as well. Beautiful. (You don't see many feet in this deck).

Dark fantasies. Occluded insights.

He is gorgeous to me today, I want to stroke his hair.

Her closed eyes and body posture speak of trust to me. She gives herself to him, allows him to carry her weight fully, and rests in his arms without any hint of bodily tension. Trust. In dance, for partnering, you know what this position feels like. It feels good, in any dance.

He is so gentle with her, his razor sharp talons don't even puncture her skin. This bespeaks of strength beyond measure. He doesn't need his claws to catch hold when there is sufficient strength already inside him.

Edited to add : I was putting the deck away when the phrase, "The effortless achievement of that which we most desire," spoke in my ear. So I logged back on to tag it in.


2 of Wands. The gargoyle is laughing at me.

Other than that, I don't get crap from this card today. I really struggle with the Ace-Two-Threes in this deck, they just don't talk to me.

I kept thinking about the Sun card last night while driving on the freeway. I finally figured out what I was trying to say... to actually take the position she is in, she has to fully give her weight to her partner, and not carry any of her own weight herself. When we start to carry our own weight, in a suspended move like this with no point of contact with the floor, we can either try to hold ourselves up, or let our partner do some of the work. When we start to do it for ourselves, the body looks hard and strained, muscle tension shows.

She's with someone whom she trusts well enough to let him hold her weight, and therefore, she holds no tension in her body in this shot.

This is a dance thing, I'm overthinking the card to death, but there's a whole tapestry of emotion to it that I can't quite verbalize, and obviously can't/won't stop trying to either...


Re: I'm Back!!!

lunakasha said:
[B(Kittaine....where are you dear??? :D )

Luna! I've been around, but busy, and when not busy, lazy and/or tired. :p I've also had to make room for all the new decks. Sheesh, I've never had this sort of influx before. I'd imagine it's like having quadruplets. :p Not that I don't like my new decks. It's just that they came in all at once. Makes my head spin. @_@

Oohhh, boy, Alissa...I love how you describe that hunk in The Sun. :D He reminds me of a certain comic book character named Jackie Estacado. *yummy* That's one of the reasons why I love this deck. So deliciously romantic and dark.