Variety in Suit names for the Four Suits

Rusty Neon

I enjoy seeing the variety of suit names in English usage from various decks and traditions.

Feel free to add to this list, as this is meant to be just a quick start.

Rods: Fire, Wands, Batons, Staves, Torches, Sceptres, Clubs (or Spades)

Cups: Water, Chalices, Vessels, Hearts

Swords: Air, Pikes, ?p?es, Spears, Spades (or Clubs)

Coins: Earth, Disks, Deniers, Pentacles, Loaves, Diamonds

(I mention the French names only where they seem to have become integrated into English usage.)


Coins: Vesicas (Glastonbury Tarot)

It seems to me I have seen Cauldrons as the Cups suit, but I can't recall which deck.

-- Kyrielle


Feathers (for air, I think).

And Pumpkins (for crying out aloud).

Somewhere there are birds (I think it's Rachel Pollack's deck). Probably air as well, seeing as they fly.

And in the Crystal Tarot, they call the Cups "Chalices" in English. But they use the normal word in their other four languages that they love to put on some of their decks. (Just in case people can't recognise what a Cup is, or a Sword... I mean, some people are not so bright so it's probably helpful for them.)


Since Rusty Neon has also included an elemental attribution, I'll also post the others which have been attributed to the suits in various decks and books:

Bastons: Air, Water, Earth;
Cups: Fire, Air, Earth;
Deniers/Coins: Fire, Air, Water;
Espee/Swords: Fire, Water, Earth.

Of course, we each have our preferred attributions :)

I've also tried to give one of the common alternative spelling of the suit where I could - for the sake of adding to the list.


I think its Arrows for fire in the Vision Quest.

J :)


From the Buckland Romani:

Bolers (Wheels)
Koros (Cups)
Koshes (Wands)
Chivs (Knives)

From the Celtic Wisdom:

Battle = (Swords)
Skill= (Wands)
Art =(Cups)
Knowledge= (Pentacles)


This is from the deck that I am creating!

Cups=Glass (water)
Wands=Light (fire)
Swords=Blades (air)
Pentacles=Jewels (Earth)

I know it's a little wacky, but this was how I decided my minors would be about 16 years ago, and I have stuck with it because the images and elemental ideas are so strong for me!

This is the first time I have shared this with anyone!


Coins: Shields and Stones

Legends Wand suit is Spears

Chronata I like your idea for suits.. very inovative, do you have a preview?


Quote:Originally posted by Chronata
This is the first time I have shared this with anyone!

Thank you for doing so, your deck sounds beautiful :D.


Chronata: wonderful elements indeed. I look forward to seeing the finished deck. :)