VIII Strength--Archeon Tarot



I love the lion's profile: he looks kinda like Aslan from the Narnia books (though I'm sure that's not what Lantz was going for). Aslan embodies both physical strength, but also strength of character and strength of heart. The Tarot's Strength should embody the same. The way in which Lantz posed the male figure in respect to the lion kinda suggests a shaman's shapeshifting ritual in the sense that the man is "becoming" the lion--rather than taming it. The lone sword is abandoned for raw, animal-like strength that needs no human-made weapons.

Of course, I have to mention the moon: it's big, it's yellow, and it's so Archeon! I love the moon imagery in Lantz's work. Even though the Moon is used a lot in occult and Tarot imagery, Lantz's moons are unique and very effective.

This is an exquisite image...I couldn't think of a better representation of Strength. Go Lantz!



Nice to see another take on that card. On my side, each time I look at this card, I always think that the man is whispering secrets to the lion or something like that. And the lion is looking pretty calm.

Bat Chicken

I actually mentioned this to the artist himself - but I thought I might share this observation here and see what everyone else thinks... and perhaps influence the opening of discussion on the Star.

The position of the man/hero in Strength in the Archeon deck, seems to mirror the positions of the stars in the constellation of Orion in the Star card.

Like the hero in Strength, Orion (Hunter in Greek mythology) is ultimately only in control of his actions- not the circumstances, or the Gods! He is driven by 'courage and energy... indomitable' (thank you Thirteen!). With any greatness comes a great ego and through Apollo's dislike for him, (depending on the version of the myth you read) Orion is killed by a scorpion for his hubris and as he is loved by Diana, goddess of the hunt, his body is transformed to the constellation.(the Haindl deck associates Scorpio with the Death card).

Another connection I found on between the Star's Orion and the Lion of Strength:

"Mr. Longfellow has a poem on the "Occultation of Orion." The
following lines are those in which he alludes to the mythic
story. We must premise that on the celestial globe Orion is
represented as robed in a lion's skin and wielding a club. At
the moment the stars of the constellation one by one were
quenched in the light of the moon..."

I could say more - but perhaps I should leave it to a thread on the Star....?:)


The man tries his strenght against the lions...

I love the moon in the background and the colours in this card.