Virtual Shrines


I used NShrine for many years. It has closed down recently. People could set virtual altars, memorials and shrines there with your own images, and there were candles that you could lit at those shrines with a message as well. I had many favorites I'd visit and set candles there. I also created my own.

I wonder if anyone knows a similar website with virtual shrines that I could use instead?


I never even knew of NShrine. I wish I had! Sounds like it was a lovely site. If you do find another one like this, I hope you'll let us all know about it. Good Luck and I'll also keep an eye out and try to search for one, letting it be known here if I find one.


(((EmpressArwen))) Thank you! I'm going to check them out now! :)

OOOH! just saw that they also have a "Build your own Altar" there - at the bottom of the list! :thumbsup: