Visconti di Modrone Majors Spread


I’ve been trying to thinking of ways to use my Visconti di Modrone/Il Meneghello Cary-Yale Visconti (coming in the mail soon!), since it is quite incomplete, with only 11 extant majors (and not all of them are conventional majors). (Here’s a link to photos of the originals of all the cards. Inspired by a spread I saw online using the first 12 majors as positions for a clock spread, I thought I could use the 11 Visconti di Modrone majors as spread positions.

Since the majors aren’t numbered (or titled), I put them in an order that makes sense (to me, at least): Receptive on the left, active on the right, synthesis in the middle, and rising up from below.

It looks like this spread would work best for a general reading, or with a subject rather than a specific question. I’ve practiced it only a few times, so, if you like, give it a test drive and report here how it works for you.

Visconti di Modrone Majors Spread


1. Empress. Nature. What you have inherited and what comes to you naturally.
2. Emperor. Nurture. What you have been taught and what society expects of you.
3. Lovers/Marriage. Your unique combination of nature and nurture. Who you are now.
4. Fortitude. Your receptive, inner strength. How you endure what life brings you.
5. Chariot. Your active, outer strength. How you act on what life brings you.

6. Faith. What to believe in.
7. Hope. What to wish for.
8. Charity. What to give to the world.

Looking Forward
9. Death. What you are leaving behind at this time.
10. Judgment. What you are growing toward at this time.
11. World/Anima Mundi. The best you can be. Your highest potential and ultimate goal.