Vision in Ceremonial Magick/Qabalistic Pathworking


Hi. I've been doing ceremonial magick basics (LBRP, Middle Pillar, Circulations, Analysis of Keyword, Hexagram rituals and recently the Greater or Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram) Starting up about a year ago. This was a re-start of work I began about 15 years prior. I've studied and meditated on Qabalah and related subjects for many years.

Here's what I want to know...please, from those practitioners (not arm chair types, but actual DOERS, please...)

Can i expect my "seeing" to improve? When I do these practices (almost every day, sometimes twice) it's more like "feeling/knowing" that the patterns I'm creating astrally are there. That the Archangels are present. That the light has descended....etc etc.

Sometimes I can barely see things...and then it's more of a knowing than a seeing. Maybe this is all I can expect to expand. And I'd say that that ability IS expanding. But when the instructions say "make the sigil blue"...make the pentagram bright blue, flecked with gold.... well, that's pretty specific seeing there.

Reason I ask is I know this is all leading up to pathworking...and that all seems like it's very important to SEE what's going on. And so I hold off, saying ok, someday I'll be ready for that, but for now, this is it.

I really enjoy my "ceremonies" as they are and am definately growing in all kinds of ways. I suppose that's enough really. But i know this is all leading somewhere.

Recently I tried some "shamanic journeying" with a group, and just could not get off the ground because of my limited visualization skills. And yet I know just by saying I have limited viz skills, I'm affirming that.

I've tried some of the exercises I've seen: "Try holding your (astral) hands in front of your face and try to see them" "Try opening your astral/third eye".

Just wondering if this is gonna improve, or if I just have to wait on it and someday it'll happen. Or not. I'd think just DOING the ceremonies would make it happen, eventually.

What do you think?


Any kind of visionary work comes not so much from the cultural framework (ie ceremonial magic or shamanic etc) but from the ability of the practitioner to get out of their own way. The ego has to slip, silently away into the background and allow complete openness. When you are prepared to become nothing, to let go, to not expect or assume, then it can happen.

Some people are just hard wired that way from birth, others need to work at it. :)


Excellent advice milfoil. thank you; that actually makes perfect sense.


I've read many books about ritual magick, but I don't like to copy others work.

My abilities had come to me when I don't copy others ritual but get inspired by them.

So I make my own ritual and spells, because try and learn is so important - not to say play and learn.

It took some time before I started to see demons and angels also - but be aware, they can quickly drain you out when you're first open to them.

But all in all the rituals I make and the spells I write/say, helps my psychic health a lot!

Good luck!