Voyager - Divination Cards or Tarot?

Dee 04

Lately I re-established my relationship with the Voyager Tarot. As I have posted
on another thread, I had difficulty with the beige border thing and the key words but a lot of that has been worked out - thank goodness!!

I have often seen the Voyager as a divination deck other than Tarot. 9 times out of 10 I get meanings that do not pertain to that deck or even to the traditional Tarot meanings. It is very liberating to have all these different interpretations of this wonderful tool but sometimes I forget that they are a Tarot deck.
I feel that this deck can be used for divination (which is my favorite), but also for all sorts of inner child or other insight oriented work. They are really a valuable tool. Anyway, I rambling so much because I wanted others to share with me their opinions and thoughts. I know that the work I described above can be accomplished with other Tarot decks but Voyager is almost a completely different system. What do you guys think? :)

Just my opinion!!! :D


well i consider tarot to be a form of divination so i guess i don't really have an answer here.

i love my voyager. it's by far my favorite deck (and the soulcards). i never use the words on the deck and i love it because of it's collage and multi sensory feel.

i can feel the pain in the faces of some of the children or the wonderment on the face of another. i can sense the cold mirror of the image in the hanged man.

i consider tarot cards a tool, just as i consider a doodle, or a ring, or tea leaves a tool ----- one that assists me to see into the void between the worlds where i "read" from.

blessed be.

New River

Dee, this is what i love about the Voyager deck! i love it's multifaceted, layered meanings. they are different for every person. always changing.

i thought tarot was a divination thing! it is, isn't it?

Love, light and happiness, new River

Dee 04

yes yes yes to all!


I meant similar to soul cards kind of tool.

Am I confusing everyone??? :D

Dee 04

I guess my instinct now is to not look at any of th eowrds not even the names of the cards. The pictures say it all.