Dee 04

A few months ago (and posted in the old forum) I was having difficulty with ignoring those annoying beige borders and key words on the Voyager Tarot. I remember feeling that I wanted to ignore these but I always felt like I "had" to go by the book. How liberating it was to get past that and just go with my intuition!!! :D
I was having such a hard time then with it that I gave it away to my best friend because she was interested in it. LUCKILY my sister-in-law has this deck too and she and I have been working together with it. Slowly but surely I have been able to get passed those key words and borders. I love this deck. It is incredible how things change.
I can't wait to get my own again so I can stop buggin her so much!!! :D :D :D

New River

Dee, get this. when i read this post i thought to myself, beige borders? does my voyager deck have borders? i really didn't think it did. i looked and sure 'nough, beige borders with the titles, just like you said! wow! i couldn't believe it!

i would have sworn different! i love these cards so much!

still smiling, New River

Dee 04

Thanks New River! I can ignore these borders and words a lot better now and I am glad that you havenot EVER had a problem with them. Good for you. :)

You just focus on the picture I assume...?

What about the part that says "Ace of cups, or Man of crystals, etc..." do you look at that?


my daughter is looking at my voyager deck right now. LOL i had to look and check out the beige border. i've never even noticed it in the 13 years i've been reading with it.

i don't even read the words. i focus on the pictures. (kinda like playgirl LOL) i couldn't resist that even though it's an inappropriate comment.

i love this deck and, as with all my decks, i never allow the words or 'court cards' to decide what the card says. sometimes a court card is a feeling rather than a trait or person.....let yourself go and be free with this speaks volumes.

ps i just cut my long nails off and i love that i can type again!


once again, you are enlightening!
i am re-examining these cards this week--i've done temporary take-backsies of the deck i gifted to a friend last year. i had passed it on because i thought it was too advanced for me. while i'm still quite the beginner, i'm just going to approach the voyager differently this time--i think i may have been over-complicating things a bit... *YA THINK??!!*
it would be so kewl to be able to work with this deck, even if it takes me some time to "get it"--heck, that's half the fun!
thanx for the help, tarot-pals...

New River

Dee, i think i might have looked at where it says Ace of Cups or whatever in the beginning, but i just never see it anymore. maybe it's because the pictures are just so lively and seem to change all the time.

another thing with these cards. i don't try to shuffle them anymore. i had to be amazing elastic woman to get my hands around them. i do the 'kid's shuffle' now. place them facedown on a protected surface and close my eyes and just stir them up. gently of course. and then i draw out the first 10 cards i'm drawn to. no second guessing. this really changed from the way i used to do them but i'm finding it refreshing and my readings are just as good. it's like the Voyager cards want you to try new things!

hope you're getting in to them!

love and light, New River

Dee 04

Hi New River:
I sure am getting into them but using my sister-in-law's still. I am about to get them soon though. JOYA was sweet enough to track them down for me.
Thanks JOYA for making it happen. :)