WANDS...Who has one?


I have seen some lovely pictures of wands online. I was wondering how many ATers have one or more, what they use them for and if they would like to share a picture. I know that wants tend to be as unique as their owners and would love to see any pix ATers wish to share.

Le Fanu

No pictures as I don't have the camera this weekend, but I have a few (not including just those simple stubby crystal ones. I'm talking OPULENT Wands).

First one I bought was a wonderful ceremonial wand from India made of Zoasite and with little chakra stones etc etc

Then I bought a crystal tipped Mahogony wand (rather long) with brute granada set into the hilt.

Then a very dear AT-er made me a superb, large, hand-crafted, smoothed and polished hawthorne wand decorated with a fabulously coiled snake, Hawthorne Ogham symbol and other gorgeous decoration skillfully etched. This is the one that upstages them all. And not a single stone or crystal used. I shall not reveal who it was as they would get innundated with begging requests (but I hope she reads this and sees how much I continue to love it!) I never really used my wands for much until this one. I look at this one and it makes me think how tacky wands with crystals can be.

Now I just grasp it - it is always a part of my reading table set up - and feel the personalised energy charging through!


I have a twisted hazel wand tipped with a piece of found amethyst... It's lovely but I very rarely use it. I prefer not to bother with tools - my finger is a good enough wand for me.


Oh Le Fanu and Sulis...

I wish I could see them all in person. They sound wonderful.

I completely understand you don't feel the need to use it, Sulis, but I bet it's lovely. Hazel and amethyst sound like a grand combination.

Wondrous descriptions, Le Fanu. Wish there were pix!


Who has only one wand?

I posted these in the 'Crystals' section.


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I have one wand!
Locally found piece of wood, quite an unusaul wood to use for a wand but it appealed to me. Tipped with a very small found slate point.
No carvings or additions, it is naturally marked :)


Here are three of mine: long, medium, and short (pocket size). Aesthetically, I favor the long one with the ebony tip, but I mostly use the one in the middle.


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I have one about 6" long with a small round clear quartz crystal on the top that I use to scry with at times. not here with me - at the other house. I don't use it often, as you can tell, since I don't keep it on me. but was attracted to it, it was on sale and so I bought it! :D


I got my first wand just recently. Our coven has opened a small pagan store with all sort of items, some made by those in the coven, and I went to check it out. It's there that I found my wand. It's made from weeping willow and it's 16 inches long. It feels great in the hand. It has no decoration though but I'm thinking about maybe adding something, like a copper wire. I shall take a picture at some point, but I cannot find the wire that goes with newly bought Iphone 4.


I have a rowan wand (what else) with spirals burned into it. It's mostly got the bark still on. The butt end has a hole drilled through it and I braided together red and green thread and tied the little braid in a circle looped through it. It represents the colors of the rowan leaves and berries, and sanctifies the wand to my use, in my mind. I only use it when I need it. I like for the LBR sometimes. Mostly, I just use my finger for circle casting and such.

It came from this site: http://www.wandsofavalon.com/6.html