We have a Dream.



How many artists here, have created their own Tarot and dream of having them published?

We count ourself and look around.

How many dreamers will raise their hand?

In Chaos

The Fool


TheFoolofChaos said:
How many artists here, have created their own Tarot and dream of having them published?
"Created"... in the past tense? Well... not exactly in the past tense yet. I have started mine though. I'm waiting for my High Priestess to get a little more pregnant (so to speak) before I take that particular photograph. (Mine is a photographic deck...) Probably do The Fool or the Chariot next I think...

[edited to add:] Oh... by the way... you can see my 7 of Swords and my 4 of Cups here;



me!!!! :)


i am still creating my deck - and yes - i do dream of having it published. see it on my website below. - more will be posted in approx a week.



Still in the process--6 cards to go. It has to be done for an August event so I've got to get my butt in gear!


oh yeah!

so let's dream on!!

I'm half through a deck that now needs to be re-vamped... and then I found out that most places that use digital want a Mac platform... little roadblocks along the way...

but... I am determined to finish it. and get it published...

fly well


*Looks up at an over crouded market place and says*

"Me to!" :D


Ah...of course I dream of having my deck published!
But that means I actually have to *finish* it first!

Then again...that's what I do best...Dream...

And I want my deck to be limited edition, so that just as people are finding it,and clamoring for it, it goes off the market and I can sell it secondary,and sparingly on E-Bay for lots and lots of money!!

Heh...just kidding!


i dream....

but not for this deck i'm working on right now. at least, at this time i want this just for me. maybe one day i'll release it to the world but only if it loses it's specialness to me and i move on to another work of art.

yeah..i'm a selfish little girlie. hehehe


Nice thread...

How many artists here, have created their own Tarot and dream of having them published?

I'm glad to know people here who have finished!

I love the 'artist hat' part of my life if I can be a student as well.
I do have 22 majors finished in a way that I like...well, as of last week.

I'm doing some versions of Aces...even have two drafts of 78 cards laid out or on cards stock...but they are drafts and I shudder to think of them 'out-there' in their present state. Some things deserve a closet shelf life. My best opinion for my past efforts was "I got that out of my system."

I dream of having them finished for a kind of website release or a low-cost punch-out book, but not really designed as a divination tool. I actually want to do a 'designing tarot' inspirational artbook.