Weekly 4 Card Spread


I came up with this a while ago when I found myself with chaotic classes and virtually no free time. What I was going for was a quick and simple weekly spread. That said I briefly looked around the forum and was a bit surprised I didn't see anything like this.


1 = Beginning of the Week - Normally Monday and Tuesday, as those are the beginning of the normal work week and are two of the busiest days in it.
2 = Middle of the Week - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The cooling down period of the work week, where one awaits the coming of the weekend.
3 = Ending of the Week - Saturday and Sunday. The week's end; a period of rest and catching up on things that need to be done. The calm before the work week begins again.
4 = Over-view or Advice Card - This card can represent the over-all outlook of the week. Or it can be used as an advice card.

I do hope that someone finds this spread useful ^^.