Weird dream i had last night.

Shadow wolf1214

So last night i had this very weird dream, but it was cool.

So i am in a hotel, playing Call of Duty 4 online. Then i decide to turn the game system off and go outside. It is snowing, but i don't need a coat because it feels as if it is 60 F outside. I'm playing with a neighbors puppy which ends up getting boring really quickly, so i decided to go down the street to a store that sells a lot of Tarot decks. Once i get down to the bottom of the street, it is like a big street market with a lot of tents selling different items. The people though are all wearing masquerade masks and black/red dresses or suits. Their is maybe about 500 people if i had to guess. So i go into the store to look around at the different decks. Then i see a very attractive girl, she is wearing a black mask, with long black hair, a long black and red dress, and she has blue eyes. Her and i start talking. She starts to tell me how pissed off she is about the store only carrying decks that she didn't like, and that she is really looking for the Gilded tarot deck which i happen to have. I tell her to come back to the hotel with me and I'll give the deck to her......then the dream ends.

What is this all supposed to mean as i didn't pick up any message from it.