Weird dreams after placing Rose Quartz under pillow?


I used them for other things but I cleansed them before I used them and after and I still do it before and after I use them.The Rose QUartz for the first nights made me have dreams dealing with repressed negative emotions I had in the past and dispelled them. However, last night, I decided to sleep with one and also with an amethyst to moderate the strong energy I tend to feel from the crystal itself alone and I programmed my Rose Quartz to show me my soul mate in a dream because I recently found that sleeping with them under your pillow can cause soul mate dreams or hints of them at least?

I didn't really believe it but I tried it and I had a dream of two men.I wanted hints so I'm not sure if these are hints or what? One of them was Japanese I believe (he was either Chinese or Japanese) and he was suicidal.. he was sad and I don't really know why but I saw him jump from a building and onto a train track? I was on the computer talking to an American guy who had brownish blonde hair and he was sad that he killed himself and I was in tears crying my eyes out I never really have felt that hurt before in my life ? (except maybe twice) and I felt deep pain? The American guy asked me why was I crying? And I was on the profile of the guy who committed suicide, he was "famous"or at least, he played in some sort of a band and he also was a Virgo like me?

I never knew anyone who committed suicide so this isn't a repressed emotions dream? Can anybody give me some insight on what in the world this dream could have possibly meant? Were these all clues ? And if so , why were there two men in the dream??? -,-


Just a guess here, but maybe the Asian guy was the past life of the American guy and you had been with him in the Asian lifetime as well.


Just a guess here, but maybe the Asian guy was the past life of the American guy and you had been with him in the Asian lifetime as well.

That's very possible, I never thought of that. The reason I say I believe it's possible is because a year and a half ago, I got hit in the head and I started having dreams of a past life of mine that through details and constantly dreaming of it, I was able to actually find a news article about it and pictures of the people I saw in my dream(the two murderers and my friend-it was in the 70s..) and I never heard of the case until the dreams.. and in one of the dreams of that past life, it was a literal junk yard that I felt like everything in it was somehow related to a past life of mine and there was a wrecked train in the junk yard and I didn't know what significance that had to me..


You can read up on "cell memory" and tell your higher self that you are free of that life in all directions of time and space. Ask archangels and God/dess to help you retain the lessons of the past life but please remove any remaining memories or anthing of that life which is currently affecting your current lifetime.

Rose quartz is about self-care,compassion and empathy so you were feeling emotions for another and in releasing the hurt, you help heal yourself.

Love and Light,


I have the same doubt

Hey there! im new here :p, so i was looking for info about rose quartz ( im starting my spiritual path with crystals :p) and 1 day i just decided to put 2 rose quartz and a amethyst under my pillow... i dreamt with my ex boyfriend ( wich i really think and feel he is my soul mate :( ) that he apologized for everything that happened and he wanted me to be with him again...

The ahm strage thing if i can say, is that since we broke up, his name and nationality ( he's argentinian) are a constant in my day to day... i have asked heaven for help and for signs...

I also had a tarot reading some month ago and... yep the card "told" me or answered my questions about him, and told me that in fact we were going to have " a second" chance...

what do you think about all this? the rose quartz dreaming, the tarot reading, his name and (or) something related to his country in my daily life??

Hope u guys cans answer i would really like to read your opinions or thoughts <3

Thanks!! And Blessings!!!


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For a while I had a piece of Rose Quartz under my pillow and during that time I had a spike in... well, sex dreams.

I've never had a boyfriend, so maybe if I had I would have dreamt about him, but since I haven't, I just kinda had a string of dream one-night-stands. It was an interesting exercise anyway.