Weird feeling?!?!


Hey everyone!!! u all know..i bought the Faeries Oracle yesterday..i think there really beautiful...but...i have this weird feeling..and i don't know why and i wanted to know what your feeling was about it. Like its not a bad feeling or anything..just a an uneasy type feeling..i don't even know if i am describing it properly. So if any of you have opinions about what this feeling could be that would be great!~!~ Well looking forward to hearing back from you all!~!

Buh Bye & Blessings
~Tarot Freak~


Weird can mean a lot of things ... I don't know how to answer that.

Can you describe the weirdness any more?

The Faeries' presence is "wyrd" in nature, my first guess is you may be feeling Their presence closer to you. If you're not used to it, it can feel internally different ... psychically/spiritually.

Personally, I rather enjoy the weird. I say enjoy it (it always wears off, usually quicker than we like).



I'm not really sure what kinda feeling it is...its like...i want to use them....but then i don't? Does that make sense?!?

Buh Bye & Blessings
~Tarot Freak~


Tarot_Freak, I think I know exactly what you're talking about.

A few months ago, we had a brief discussion in the Faeries Forum about how Froud's Faeries seem to be thoughtforms, or "bits" of consciousness that gather around a central idea (in this case, particular faeries or beings); therefore, the entities depicted in the Faerie Oracle -- moreso than any other deck I've encountered -- are in some sense alive. They combine our own consciousness with quanta, or "packets," of energy from subtler realms, and the result is a thoughtform: a being in its own right, not quite the same as ourselves. I believe that it is this vibrational difference between us and them that gives you the weird feeling you describe.

Many of Froud's Faeries are associated with elementals, who are beings responsible for form in the world of nature (dealing, quite literally, with the elements: earth, air, water, fire). They are of a different order than human beings, and their presence is often associated with strange sensations. The result can be feelings of approach-avoidance on our parts.

Because this deck fairly vibrates with aliveness, it is understandable that you might experience a sense of cautiousness in relation to it. I have felt this, myself -- not because I feel that any harm will come from using the deck, but because I sense actual presences speaking through it and I'm not always certain that I wish to engage in as deep a relationship with them/the deck as seems to be called for. Because, make no mistake, this deck is involving. I have never once found it to be dangerous or malevolent -- indeed, it is witty and wise -- but it does require a certain level of engagement that might feel unusual to you.

That's why the exercises in the book are so valuable. They give you an opportunity to explore and become acquainted with the deck and the Faeries, to literally get a "feel" for them in your own time and way, without making an uninvestigated commitment.

I think that you will find great pleasure and magic in the Faeries Oracle. It's in a category all its own, in my opinion, and you are sensitively attuned to that dimension (which feels decidedly different from the strictly human).


Fae and Forms


I am in love with your description of thought forms. It is, without a doubt, concise and clear, especially dealing with such an esoteric subject. Your words mix with my teacher who first introduced me to thought forms, and between the 2 of you I am *inspired*. Really~!

Studying thought forms and their interactions with us has been something that's fascinated me for several years now. It started, for me, when I felt a thought form "taking over the vehicle" (the body I inhabit), which forced me into finding out what these things were, and how they were interacting in my interior world.

I hadn't even considered how well the description fits the Fae -- I hadn't really thought of Fae as thought forms, but of COURSE they are.

I think I've been dealing with Fae for so long in my life that I'm used to how They feel. (It's some of the meaner, nastier thought forms we create that I was dealing with later on). It's hard for me to remember how strange and foreign they can be to others.

Tarot Freak, I hope your Faeries find a way to connect with you and speak to you. They are incredible creatures, when you get to know them.

Thank you again for your shared wisdom Astraea!!!


Re: Fae and Forms

Alissa said:

I think I've been dealing with Fae for so long in my life that I'm used to how They feel. (It's some of the meaner, nastier thought forms we create that I was dealing with later on). It's hard for me to remember how strange and foreign they can be to others.

Yes, the more one interacts with the Faeries, the more accustomed one becomes to their vibration, until eventually it's a smooth blend. The study of thoughtforms is fascinating, for sure!

Shadow Wolf


Your description of the fairies is so on target. I have the deck for only a few weeks and with the cards I chose for "favorite "and the
card that represented the universes message to me really seemed to looking back at me.

I chose faery godmother as a favorite and Himself and the universes message, and they really did seem "alive".

I have also noticed, since I've gotten the deck that I have felt slightly disoriented at times, and I have thoughts and hear voices and laughter in my head that I KNOW are not me. I actually talk
back to them, it's very comforting to know that they are there.

I feel their presence this week in particular, it's been really tough at work, and I've been exhausted. I haven't had them out in while but I've been taking them to work with me. Looking at those little faces makes it a lot easier to get through the day !!!

I bought a little vial of "fairy dust " that have been at me to wear,
as a reminder to NOT take myself so seriously !!!!

It is truly amazing how they work in out lives !!!!!