Weird 'pick a partner' reading

Little Baron

Firstly, I hope that my many questions and mind-ramblings here are not driving you all crazy ...

This evening, after reading the third part of McBeth's book, I thought that I would try and devise a faeries reading. I still have not read the second section of the book, so since I was unaware of the books meanings, I thought that a general reading with no specific possitions would once again, be another way of getting to know these cards.

I have been shuffling and arcing the cards for the last two days so the faeries have been totally and utterly mixed together and out of their original order.

My idea with this reading was to take what became five cards and ask each card to pick a partner. I laid five cards out in a row and did just that, using my hand to glide over the remainder of the pack and dive in to pick a match for each of the five when they said it was the right time.
I was left with five cards, and underneath each one, was their chosen partner. I thought that this would be a good way of looking at the simularities between each card and it's chosen faery match. I hope that this is making sense so far.

What I came up with seemed strange to me and a little too perfect of a match. If you lay these cards out horizontally and then lay their match underneath each one, you may see what I mean.
The row of five were as follows - (1) Iris of the Rainbows (2) Ta'Om the Poet (3) Epona's Wild Daughter (4) The Friends (5) Lasgunna.

When asked , Iris chose the 'Undressing of a Salad' as her match. Instantly, I thought that the layout of the card was strikingly similar - the many faeries, the same webfeeted girl in the same position. When held beneath Iris, the 'match' card looks like it is showing life underground Iris' setting.

Next, 'Ta'om the Poet' chose 'The Soul Shrinker'. It seemed coincidental to me that both cards were similar in artistic style; that the colours were very alike. With his face turned to the side, Ta'om almost resembled The Soul Shrinker. At this point, I was concerned about turning any other cards over, but fascinated about how well the 'matches' the faeries had chosen matched visually in colour and likeness.

Thirdly, 'Epona's Wild Daughter' picked her partner in crime. This combination was even odder. She picked 'Laiste, Moon's Daughter'. These cards are almost virtually identical in many ways, regardless of the title; the positions of the women are nearly the same, the mood of the card is too, and so also, are their legs and the figures that the subjects are leaning upon.

*If you are reading this, I hope I am not boring you stupid*

The fouth card was 'The Friends'. They chose 'A Collective of Pixies'. When held above the pixies, the sleeker 'friend' looks like he/she has just jumped from the bottom card and into the top. Once again, body types, backgrounds and atmopspheres of these cards are alike.

The last couple are 'Lasgunna' and her choise, my favourite, 'Ffaff the Ffooter. At first, I didn't see the connections but when standing back, visually, colours are similar and so are the composition of the two figures as they both sit on their toadstools.

After drawing these cards, I just had to write here and ask you guys what you thought. Try laying them out and positioning the five cards alone with their pairs to see the stark visual comparisons. Since it is middnight here in London and I am quite tired, I will leave trying to interpret any further simularites until another time. However, if you see something that is strikingly not obvious to me, I would be really interested to hear it.

Thanks for listening to my nightime ramblings.



Yaboot, you most certainly are not boring - I think the Faeries have sent you to bring this place alive again.

That is so fascinating - later I shall do as you suggest. I hope everyone else will, too and we can post our interpretations of what we think of the pairings here.

You are a genius!!!!


I agree Yaboot..great post...I thought you mean partnering for a reading or excercise for like 2 of us here..I will have to try it..I have been neglecting my fairies for months!



Yaboot what a fabulous exercise! and you are most definetly not boring! Please keep sharing. I love the pairings the faeries gave you. As you have not read the book yet here are a couple of my thoughts on the pairings they gave you that you found similarities, knew were connected but did not know how you knew:

1. Epona and Laiste are sisters! ... I will not tell you more because I believe the faeries are teaching you all on their own :)

2. The Soul Shrinker is "ugly" because of the wrongs we do. Bad deeds and hurtful things make him ugly ... good deeds and positive actions make him prettier ... I think you are right on about the similarity of him and Ta'Om. I never cought that until your post. After reading your post I believe that Ta'Om and the Soul Shrinker are opposite sides of the same coin.

3. I love your interpretation of the Iris/Undressing the Salad pairing. Another observation of that pairing is how the almost mirror image of Iris and the faerie doing the balance act in Undressing the Salad. Female/Male; front/back; sitting/standing; position of arms and balancing act (scepter and rainbow/balls) ... So above so below comes to mind when I see these cards together.

4. If you put Lasgunna on the left on Ffaff on the right it looks as if she and her little friend that is sitting sort of behind and below her are watching Ffaff. Her little friend indeed resembles Ffaff quite a bit! Also on the top right hand corner of Lesgunna's card there is another faerie that resembles Ffaff (but has antlers) that is rubbing his foot!

5. I see exactly what you mean about the pairing of the Friends and the Collective of Pixies! That is soooo neat!

I will definetly try this exercise tonight and see what pairings I get! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have learned a lot from your exercise!

Little Baron


Mooncat, Redwood and Jewel

Thanks so much for your words. When I came into this forum (before I met the faeries), I lacked a little confidence with the cards, even though I had been studying them for quite a few years. I didn't always trust my intuition and thought that talking to people like yourselves and learning from your own expertise and experience would be a great benefit.

Your posts have been a great confidence boost and I must say that my work with the faeries oracle in the last two days has produced more surprises and excitement than anything I have done with other decks so far.

It is a pleasure to be working with them and amongst this forum so lets keep posting and working.

Look forward to hearing your 'pick a partner' results.

Jewel, your notes regarding the pairs was very interesting; when I looked at other cards in the deck, I couldn't find, in most of the instances, a better pair or likeness. Today, I bought 'Good Faeries, Bad Fairies' for further reading when I have finished getting to know all of the faeries on an intuative level; I was pleased to see that the sisters you spoke of graced opposite pages in a double spread and were together again.
I also see exactly what you mean about 'Ta'om and The Soul Shrinker - they look like brothers from the very distant past or something!


Ah, you've saved us!

You've given us all a new excersize to try! I love it!

Here were my results/pairings:

He of the Fiery Sword (#4) with She of the Cruach (#5)
Green Woman (#23) with Honesty (#40)
Lady of the Harvest (#18 ) with Sylvanius (#34)
Singer of Initiation (#9) with Iris of the Rainbows (#32)
The Sage (#19) with The Master Maker (#22)

As I went through these cards it actually became a full reading instead of just card pairings for insight.

I think the faeries are letting me know that there is a big change that I am facing, or that is coming down the road and that I need to be ready for it. They are telling me to find out who I am and be honest with myself about it. Telling me that in spite of the fact that things may get darker before they get brighter, that I have the ability to face the changes that are coming and rise above them to a new type of understanding and a new type of life. And whoever it is that I am to become I must be the best "me" that I can be or I'll suffer for it.

Thanks for this great idea, Yaboot! Can't wait to read about everyone else's experiment!

R :)


Wow, thank you for sharing that Yaboot... now I want to try it just to see what faeries pair off and hopefully I'll learn more about them in the process I don't think I can add anything to what Jewel said about the pairs without tainting your view point...



AAAHHH! Jewel has beat me to it.

Soul Shrinker & Ta'Om were the first ones to catch my eye, probably because SS was my least favourite. I hadn't really noticed the resemblance before but it is certainly there - I knew what SS meant and felt Ta'Om being a poet must use words in a beautiful way. Words to make the soul sing versus words to make the soul shrink - and I came to the same conclusion Jewel did - opposite sides of the same coin.

The sisters side by side are back to back which supported the theory.

The rest I wasn't so sure about.

Now I'm going to do my own and see what comes up. This is great fun!



This is the first time I've done an indepth reading for myself with the Faeries and it has been quite revealing and as usual they are straight to the point. Like Rhiannon, I saw it as a full reading.

Recently I did a reading which seemed to indicate that I needed to do some past life work and I leapt at the chance to have one of Napaea's readings. Then this week I got my new Shapeshifter and the first reading I did in the healing position I get 6 Cups - explore past lives! So when I saw the first two fairies - wow.

1. Death and G.Hobyah -

Birth, death, rebirth. Reincarnation.
Lifting the veils of the past and confronting the scary monster hidden there.

2. Lys of the Shadows and Fairy Godmother

Hidden in the shadows but Lys brings light and healing. Fairy Godmother is full of light, too. She waves her magic wand, bestowing an opportunity for knowledge and understanding.

3. Penelope Dreamweaver and the Oak Men.

I love the Oak Men - so strong and wise. Firmly rooted in the ground, they have seen lives come and go through many times. They are a connection to ancient knowledge that I need because I am a Penelope Dreamweaver - full of dreams and visions but not too good at making them a reality.

4. Soul Shrinker and He of the Fiery Sword.

Soul Shrinker was my least favourite card - he is my fear. I understand this card very well - the bottom line is fear of people, something I've fought all my life to overcome. Wariness is probably a better word . He of the Fiery Sword brings clarity and truth and confidence in speaking out. A strong male energy. I see myself now as sort of halfway between the two.

5. Tobaira of the Waters and Taitlyn the Sylph

Water, the emotions. Water, healing and cleansing. Interestingly this is the only one of ten cards that has more than a single figure in it which is revealing in itself.
Taitlyn - I can't even remember seeing this card before - she is totally new to me and I have no idea what she means. She looks so fragile, but always on the move, darting here and there, like a firefly. The background is so dark. I think sylphs are of the air so perhaps she is thoughts or words. Pink - love.

I'm cheating! While I was drawing the cards, fanned out in my hand, two fell out on the floor, right on top of each other so I added them on. I think they make a perfect summary.

Laiste - Daughter of the Moon and the Master Maker

Both stand on heads which I see as past lives. Laiste - the female energy seems to reach out to the future , in tune with her inner guidance and intuitive abilities (I hope).
The Master Maker looks confident enough to create and make happen - the male energy, the second card. What I have to work on.

Fascinating exercise. I hope everyone else does it , too. Thanks again, Yaboot.

Faery blessings


i'm off to try this one......
i love this deck and the faerie's :D