Well-Being Outlook Spread


A week or so ago, Le Fanu graciously handed me the conceptual framework for a 7-card spread that I adapted to my own style of working with "planetary energies." I had been casting about for a way to approach "health and wellness" issues without wandering into the treacherous and potentially unethical territory of medical prognosis. I saw a way via this spread to center the inquiry on the queren't subjective "state or sense of well-bring" as opposed to an objective "medical condition" outlook.

You may choose to ignore my "planetary effect" approach, but I think the "essesnce" of those effects, as shown in the "margin notes" for each card, may prove useful.

Per Hemera's previous example, I've cut-and-pasted the explanatory text below (a full-color version is attached):

“Well and Good . . . But” Outlook Spread

This is an all-purpose spread designed to provide a quick overview of:

1) the querent's present state or sense of well-being at any level of inquiry;
2) the direction future developments may take;
3) most optimistic and most realistic projections;
4) any obstacles to progress; and
5) consequences for the querent's overall well-being, showing either a favorable or unfavorable outlook based on various contributing factors.

It takes its title from the caveat “All well and good, but . . .” which implies that there is “more to the story than meets the eye.”

1. You At Present (Moon as state of well-being, in both private and public contexts.)
2. What's Next? (Mercury as "messenger" and “light-bringer”)
3. What You Need (Best Possible Result) (Jupiter as "Greater Benefic")
4. What You've Learned (Underlying or Hidden Issues) (Saturn as “experience” and “wisdom”)
5. What You'll Get (Most Likely Outcome – Gains/Losses) (Venus as "Lesser Benefic”)
6. Unexpected Setbacks (Mars as sudden "upsets" and “disruptions”)
7. Consequences (Where You End Up) (Sun as "revelation")

Layout (Top to Bottom)

Row 1: Cards 1 - 2 (Moon - Mercury, the fastest-moving pair)
Row 2: Cards 3-4 (Jupiter - Saturn, the slowest-moving pair)
Row 3: Cards 5 - 6 (Venus - Mars, the classic "give-and-take" pair)
Row 4: Card 7 at the base (Sun, the revealing "light of day")

Card 1 represents the querent's current state or sense of well-being at any level: private
(physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc.) or public (relational, social, occupational,
etc.) The querent's input will determine which should be the focus of the reading.

Card 2 provides a forecast for the immediate future, indicating forces for change and
how the current situation is likely to progress.

Card 3 shows the most optimistic result for satisfaction of the querent's needs.

Card 4 reflects underlying or hidden issues, often rooted in past experience, affecting
the situation as it stands.

Card 5 represents the most realistic outcome for the querent's present and future

Card 6 suggests unexpected setbacks that may challenge satisfactory progress.

Card 7 reveals how the querent will end up, and shows positive or negative effects on
the querent's state or sense of well-being.


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