Well, here I am


Hello all,

I have hesitated to jump into this forum, but I finally decided to venture in. I have been a follower of Froud's faeries for quite a few years. When I do a unit on faerie creatures in my folklore class as part of my adult high school program, I have showed Froud's books to let my students become introduced to the world of faerie beyond the Tinkerbellesque conceptions they have (I actually pretty much set up Walt Disney as the anti-christ in this class, responsible for the sanitization of the true folk literature tradition :D). Froud shows the honest beauty and earthiness and the twisted side of faerie land. I had stopped by his site numerous times and when I saw that he was working on an oracle card set, I was impatient for its release.

The cards have been nothing but a joy. They are honest faeries he creates, the true spirits of this world. I kept eyeing this forum, but didn't come in til I was sure the time was right. Well, I finally clicked in, grabbed my Faerie Oracle cards (which are currently residing in a Crown Royal bag with the Fairy Ring Oracle) and pulled out a card. It was Epona's Wild Daughter. The wild one, bathed in blue and with cricket legs, resting on the wise owl and the hunching female whom she rests her arms on. Time to be wild spread my wings and leap in, carrying the intuitive wisdom that hides underneath me, and to lift my crouching figure to the wild bright faerie that rests on my bent figure.

Peace everyone, and I hope I may contribute thoughtful musings.


Welcome aboard the Fae's crazy train, Khatruman!

I've already enjoyed reading your posts on your favorite and your least comfortable cards, so I am quite glad you've decided to follow Epona's wild little girl and FLY. To me, those gorgeous cricket legs show me how She goes "this way and that," from one extreme to another, all over the place.

Walt Disney IS the anti-christ. Didnt you know?

It's about time someone started showing young people about real folk lore. I would've loved to be in your class in high school, I'm so envious of your students.

Anyhow, keep posting abut your interactions with the Fae. I love hearing about other people's experiences. :D


Khatruman welcome to the Faeries Oracle Study Gorup!!! I am off to read your exercises :) ... great to have you here with us. I look forward to your posts.