Well I asked for it....


Having been on the board for a week now and reading the posts, especially on the faeries, I've been wishing that they would come into my life. I have had all sorts of good intentions about rediscovering my oracle and have put SOME into place but not others....but reading all of your experiences I must admit I was jealous and was hoping the faeries would "show" themselves to me.

Well they did. Big time.

My husband was packing last night to go to the airport for a trip to the States. I got his passport out of the filing cabinet, put it in one of those wallets you hang round your neck for safety - showed it to him (he was in the bedroom next door to the study) and went downstairs and placed the wallet on the living room sofa.

5 minutes later he came downstairs, opened the wallet - the passport was gone.

I couldn't understand it. We looked all over the floor, down the stairs to see if it had dropped out. It was nowhere.

We looked in the filing cabinet, in the bathroom...everywhere.

I was starting to panic - husband was trying to keep me calm but I couldn't work it out. It had literally vanished.

I asked the faeries - nothing. I begged them. I went outside and had a cigarrette and calmed down.

Then I went upstairs into the Spare room (which I haven't been in for weeks) and there the passport was - tucked down the side of the sofabed.


Hubby thinks I must have gone in there but I KNOW I didn't

I said thank you. And after he had left and the house was quiet, I put on my faeries cd (the Brian Froud one), lit a lavender candle and got the oracle out - spread them out and greeted everyone and apologised for neglecting them.

Did a reading asking how I could be more committed to them. The one Jesa suggests in the book.

Very informative.

So I asked for it and I got it - just not how I imagined it....typical eh?

Sal x


Now you're in for it!

As I do recall in another thread you made a request to reconnect with your faeries. Well, you asked for it. You didn't take them out and play. They were all excited and nothing happened . The energy built and built until....... MISCHIEF, MISHAP,and MAYHEM. The three attention getters that ignored Faeries will use to get you to dump them out of their bag and play with them (like you promised.) So I'm sitting here with a devilish grin on my face }) waiting to see what they're going to do next.

Feel a little sorry for me today, my card for the day is Luathas the Wild. A card guaranteed to put me in a position where I will feel very silly about doing something, but I'll know it's exactly what I should do. No matter how silly it makes me look. Oh Dear.
P.S. He also likes to start fires just to keep thing interesting. Namaste


oh goodnesses, that's just like them to do such things. It's been a while since I've had some heavy duty faerie activity around here, but I play with them often. A few weeks ago, a faerie put a cricket on my shoulder, and a few days ago, I couldn't keep anything in my hands until I told them enough. But those little things I"m used to. They haven't taken anything in a while. HMmmm...not like them to be so quiet...I wonder what they're up to?